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Improved a lot!! Messenger apps improved a lot compared to the old one, in term of UI, smoothness and real-time messaging. BUT, sometimes the chat head doesn't pop out hence some conversations remain unnoticed.

Good It's good but I recently experienced a problem where I couldn't see my friends' messages while chatting with them (and I know they've sent a new message).

New version works but does not integrate or cooperate with other messenger apps. HTC One (4.4.2, 5.5) updates: v8. calls, groups, fwd photos; v8. no waznew info; v7. save video to gallery; v6.0.0.27 - video in msg, big likev(!,; v5.0.0.27 - ; v5. [was -16.1] Waznew doesn't show detailed version number so will not know what's new or fixed!

I really love this app Its great. Better than opening the facebook app and chatting from there. With messenger I can freely use most apps on my phone and still carry a conversation with my friends. I gave three stars because as of the latest update, I havent been getting all of my notifications. Also the messages arent showing up until I send a reply, but how am I supposed to reply if I havent yet seen the message? Lastly, the video recorder aspect stopped working, which im highly disappointed about because I used it often.

Wow.....!! app Adding videos is cherry on top... ;) just needs hard work on its speed..that's verrrrryyyy slow.

Issue with last update I can see the notifications but I can't open up any of my chats and reply. The bubble just tells "something went wrong. Please try again."

Force shut I dnt knw why but it alwys shows me 'messenger not responding. Close app?' N some times it shuts down automatically..

Its good, but not great I really like this app, would have given it 5 stars but the only thing missing is a place where to sign off at. Looked everywhere and cannot find it! Please correct this!

Error It won't install on my samsung galaxy note 3 phone it keeps giving me an error - 24 please help.

Its ok but Please fix scrolling while active on group chat Fix scrolling. Everytime i scroll up to see older messages on group chat, then buddies send a message, it automatically scroll down. It is a pain in the neck especially if you want to see older messages to read while other buddies on group are active on chatting. But its a nice app.

I like fb messenger It's used very friendly and easy ,and then it's used to chat more friend's on fb

Like the voice chat option It frees you from needing a phone no. You can get back in touch with old friends, wherever they are...

Great The app itself is wonderful, but from some reason I can't record audio, can someone help me with that?

Really one of the best application bc one can instantly use facebook Bt one thing that z not goood in this application z that one can not make calls using this otherwise best aplication So i will give it 4 stars;-)

Facebook Messenger is a nice app... I'm always online through it... But it definitly needs a logout option...

I'm not a big Facebook user and it irritated me having to use the main app to chat with friends. I appreciate the effort to separate the messenger function into its own standalone app which makes it infinitely easier to message my friends and keep in touch.

Fantastic app!!! I always thoughts it was unnecessary insulin started using it. I love the fact that even if I'm logged out of fb, I can still respond to messages. That's great!!!! I love this app. It comes in very handy. Great!!! It's a keeper.

I love how it shows up on the screen when u have a message. I love everything about it.

Each time whenever I have to logout from the messenger I always have to clear out the data of the aap...& please make it more faster...

Love this app I can keep in touch with family and friends. I talk to my grandkids and my kids and friends all of the time. Awesome. Thank you for keeping me connected to my family and friends. Awesome.

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