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App is so good. But recently i am facing a problem in notification. My msgs are sent , and received by the receiver. But their msgs getting delayed. And i request u one more thing that pls make an option to delete multi conversation delete and old conversations delete. Must have

Good functionality and call quality. But the interface is very cluttered. It's a messaging app so why do you still have those 'stories' cluttering up the top of the screen Works perfectly

Something is wrong with the chat head since the recent update. I can't see the people that are active. When I click the button from the chat head my phone lags n freezes. Other than that I don't find anything wrong so far. Fix this asap Cool

Only problem I have right now is that I don't ever get a notification or pop-up when I get a message. Those settings or turned on, both on the app and my phone. Plus I just recently did a factory reset on my phone so it should work. But it doesn't. Flawless

For color blind people it's annoying to not have a black and white option on messenger char colors. No matter what color you use, some emojis can not be seen. And it's super annoying. Love the app other wise :-) Just wow

A good app to use for communicating, although very confusing. Conversations can turn into chat heads on screen, which is nice. You can receive messages as they happen on your screen, but you're only limited to two conversations only because there's three other heads that take up potential space, and they're used up for the app's features. It's very frustrating when you have four conversations going, but can only have two chat heads. Amazing!

Its good very very good but it takes time to delete a message. We have to select one message and delete and select another delete. When i was having conversation with my friend. I want to delete the conversation with my friend but i have some important information about my exams. So i had to do a lot of effort to delete it. I was giving 5 stars but because of this problem i have given only 4 stars. Please solve this problem Muito bom!

The Facebook Messenger app causes my android (Galaxy Core Prime) to run impossibly slow and act weird for some reason. The longer it's on my phone, the worse it gets. This really needs to be fixed, because it says Messenger for Android? Please fix and you get 5 stars, because this' an awesome app! 5 star

What happened to the 'Create a Shortcut' feature for adding contacts to the homescreen? Works perfectly

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I have an issue with the app on my S8. The Facebook messenger camera bottom has a black stripe which is cutting the three buttons at the bottom of the screen in half or complete. This is happening only when I'm trying to take a picture inside a chat the camera by itself is fine. As far as I found out is it because of the navigation bar if it set to automatically dissappear the camera will hide the three buttons from the bottom of the screen. But if I put the navigation bar to always to be visible the issue dissappears. It is a bug and I don't want all the time to change the settings so I can use the messenger app fully. Can you please take a look and fix this. Thank you. 5 star

I like this app but I don't like when I turn off my availability it doesn't work! Not only can ppl still see when I'm on, it also says I'm on when I'm not and then I get messages all hours of the night because it tells people I'm active when I'm actually sleeping. It's very irritating and I wish someone would fix it. Marvelous

I think this is a wonderful app. Its all i use for communication as I dont have service on my phone. But there is a few things you should add. You should add more chat color variety's and more chat emojiis. You should also add some emojis like apple products have. Thanks guys ❤ Flawless

The app is great, I like how it looks and how it works, but there's one thing that I absolutely hate about it and that's the "x is active now" in the notification bar. For me, it is very random and always covers the clock when I need to see it. I don't think such feature has a place in the notification bar and I would gladly see it removed. Perfect

I detest that I can't decide if friends can see that I am "active". I should be able to turn that off. It's an invasion of privacy! Other than that this app works well so I give it 4 stars. Recommend

It's a useful and nice application with a good interface. Though I think it doesn't need the new "active now" head in the chad heads, or it doesn't need the story head, sometimes it's a little bit annoying because I am not using this app for the stories and there is already the option to see who is active or their story. Good

I have uninstalled and reinstalled this app several times and I do not have the option of the silly pics during video chat like everyone else does when they call me. It is very annoying when I do not have all the options that others do. Awesome

After updating my s8+ to Oreo and the app itself, I now cannot send voice longer than several seconds or it will act as if I were still holding to the record. Randomly, the app display "Network is not connected". Please help! Pretty good

Can u tell the users what r u doing in the updates? The:"Now you can see your call history and missed calls—all in one place" is here since I used this app for the first time and didn't changed Worth a go!

I enjoy using this messenger app but the only thing I hate is no matter how i tried to delete the convo, when i chatted the person again the photos that we have shared back then remains. And i dont wanna remember the past anymore. Even our old photos way back 2010. Its still there. Can anyone help me how to delete the shared content on the convo? Thanks for the respond. Superb!

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