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TDRop Magazine Suggestion Recomended to fix "used Contact,Mic & Camera without Permission" that mean to facebook had ghost inside your phone

fvckers! Why do we need download this fvcking app??? For facebook....WE NEED TO FVCKING DOWNLOAD THAT!? THATS TOO MUCH SPACE AND NY TABLET IS VERY SLOW...ILL CAPITALIZE THAT:BEWARE

This app is good This app is not invading your privacy all most ever app like instagram, snapchat, kik... ask you to use your camera gallery contacts voice recorder without that you can't send pictures video or find friends. ..Calm down people. .

14 MB + app data space. Listen, people, it's got as many permissions as any other messaging service/app. If you can't fit the 20-30 MB of space required for this app on your device, you might want to manage your space better. Last I checked, most devices come with at least 8 GB. It's a messenger, not a demon.

Getting better No longer not reaponding n force close. Thanks a lot. But FB still not reaponding n force close even updated. Please fix FB.

It's Different It's different from what I'm used to but this app isn't much different in terms of privacy because other apps require nearly the same permission's so everyone is making a big deal out of something small just because it's not what we're used to. I just wish the person's pic with the message didn't pop up on my main homepage... it blocks me from what I'm doing, I want to move it to another homepage, next update make that an option please.

Feel obligated I agree with everyone else who feels obligated to download. I like FB but it really shouldnt force, yes thats what it feels like. Force u to downlod the app. I didnt have enough space as it is then I had to delete all kinds just to download app. Uggggh...

Hmm.. I don't like the idea that Facebook has where it is forcing all their users to have Messenger or they won't be able to use their inbox. But the Messenger app itself isn't so bad.

Stop being big brother.. This app invades your privacy. It asks permission to access your call log, texts, just about everything on your phone, the scariest being permission to use your audio recorder and camera with out notification.. Literally some one can be watching you through your camera on your phone.. DO NOT DOWNLOAD, rate one star and ask Facebook to stop this invasion of our privacy!

A couple concerns. I would give 5 stars BUT when somebody acceses fb through guest mode on my phone, it also links with MY messenger. Please fix and I will rate higher.

New version works but does not integrate or cooperate with other messenger apps. HTC One (4.4.2, 6.0). Updates:- v10. impr; v9. like or mute from notif; v8. calls, groups, fwd photos; v8. no waznew info; v7. save video to gallery; v6.0.0.27 - video in msg, big likev(!,; v5.0.0.27 - ; v5. [was -16.1] Waznew doesn't show detailed version number so will not know what's new or fixed!

Connection Error! What is happens when you use 3G? Hmm.. Maybe, you will see "Connecting... And Connecting..." don't like that, can you fix this error?! :(

Nice app and great availability (and replies to other reviews) First off I'm going to say that this app is a great tool to use if you are multitasking on your phone. In light of what I have read in the other reviews about personal information and that they are trying to get more of your information, accessing your contact list is a very minor accessibility. The amount of things you voluntarily put of your information on Facebook is your fault. Google themselves use your information and distribute it, however you don't know that. Facebook messenger looks at names.

Should be 5 stars But adding the like feature is stupid. I hate it. If I go to read an old message without responding then there is the"like" button sitting there.. RIGHT above my back button to get out of messenger. Since I don't have baby fingers, I hit the "like" button almost every time trying to back out. Plus I mean.. is it even necessary? If I like a message, I'll probably respond with something. Does anyone ever use it on purpose? Like REALLY?

S5 & SAMSUNG GALAXY 12.2 TAB - 8/3/14 - S4 "Active" 11/14/13 Wasn't that pleased B4...Until this recent update! Now, it ROCKS!! Wow! It's like doing a complete 180 turn around!!! Idk...Pretty Awwesomeee in my book! ;) L♥VE IT! ♡♥♡ Tnks! Just downloaded app AGAIN for my Samsung Galaxy 12.2 Tab & my upgraded S5 phone. Much MUCH better!! :)

Good overall Quite useful. Sux there's no PC version anymore. Can't always have FB window open.

A lot of problems First off the chat closses whilst writing a message so I have to re write messages all the time. Secondly if im listening to music it will occasionally close it down so I have to quit the app to turn the music back on. And finally if you uninstall it it makes you reinstall it even though its got problems.

Stickers have transparent background I'm using a Xperia C which runs on a Mediatek Chipset. All my stickers have a transparent background. Most of Mediatek devices are experiencing the same problem. Your help is much appreciated.

There is no option to do video It says yu can do video now of some sort the only reason I got it n I being thru all the options the only camera related thing is takes a picture of me and automatically uploads tf! Where is the video!

Needs more features... This really needs to have notification controls for the time of day. I am tired of getting alerts at 2 in the morning from friends a that are night owls.

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