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Wish I didn't need it I can't do without it as folks keep sending me messages - but I hate the things it has permission to do. I am trying to find a way out...

Works Can people stop whining about this app. Yes it can take pictures obviously. It's a separate messaging app, why would fb develop 2 apps with the same purpose.

Not so good I have experienced forced stopping while I'm on line chats w/ my friends so 3stars is enough rate and now when I am using the free call not giving me voice of the other line. It's always written muted then I can't set up the volume.

Issues seem to be sorted out, but I would appreciate it, if you could add a night mode to make the UI usable at night.

Good, but update caused a bug. The app itself is fine, but since updating, chat heads have stopped appearing automatically so I have to actually open the messenger app to see if someone's messaged me.

good its sooo good... but i hates to see " your message was not sent "... !! plzzz improve this. everybody wants reliability... !!

Force Closes First of all I'm NOT SAYING that I trust FB to not go thru my ph when they want to...But, they need all the permissions bc of its features!! C'mon ppl don't be ignorant. FORCE CLOSES ALL THE TIME & WHEN I TRY TO MUTE NOTIFICATIONS IT DOESN'T WORK!! IT KEPT CHIMING & I GOT IN TROUBLE AT WORK! WTF?!?

Not bad I know there's a lot of fuss going on about the privacy of this app but without it I wouldn't be able to stay in touch with my friends and family as well. Keep the good stuff coming!

Love it You people need to understand they are not invading your privacy. .The app needs permission so you can upload pictures and see others phone numbers on your friends lists. Get over yourself. And why would you care if you have nothing to hide. Don't you k ow that the government can plug in your phone number and track you and see anything you have ever done on your phone? I would be more cautious of them..not a stupid fb app.

Perfect app. First of all I understand why Facebook is separating the messaging part from the main app. As they said more room for more features. I have had messenger for years. I LOVE it! I can use it to call my brother who is deployed. Yes CALL him so yes I gave it permission to use my phone. I can send him videos of his niece and nephew. So I gave the app permission to use my microphone and camera with no regrets. I use this app to stay in touch with my family all over the world. Its worth every permission.

Permissions People need to learn how apps work. Keep listening to the news. It needs those permissions to work. Or if you have a real phone like mine with privacy guard running cyanogen mod you can block any permission. Get a real phone instead of a iPhone and stop bitching lol

Anyone Can Read My Messages! As Soon As My Device Connects To Wi-Fi, The Chat Head Appears And The One Using It Is Able To Read All My Messages! FIX THIS!

Great, but still has glitches This app is really good in terms of overall performance, from sending simple message to pictures and now even sending video is possible, this app is simply good! But I noticed something ,(far from frustrating but sometimes annoying) I can't play any voice messages from my friends and worse is I can't even send one voice message! Whenever I push the red button, the app crashes and the same thing happens with my girl's FB Messenger App, I don't know if it's an Xperian glitch coz we both use Sony Xperia Z1.

Hi Yiur all wrong ut dies not read yr personal stuff do ur research before u complain

Confusion I'm confused as to why everyone is freaking out about the permissions they are asking.. If they asked every time you posted something you would be mad.. Yet you have no problem downloading Facebook when it asks the same stuff... I personally love the app!!

Perfect This version is perfect,awesome and reliable.... it improves all the bugs and mistakes :) Thanks for this Improvement I loved this one and My Messenger is Back..

Great App!! I was using this App before it was mandatory. I can't believe all the one star rating simply because the fact that FACEBOOK made it impossible to message without the App, does not mean that you have to take it out on the developers of the App. I thought the rating section was solely for the quality of the App. Not your opinion on downloading it. If you don't like it, it's very simple, UNINSTALL!!!

Forcing, not good To force people to download it to message people with facebook and get sensitive information is not the way to go. Very annoying and makes me concern about our privacy which is each day less thanks to facebook.

Forced to download Everyone uses Facebook to communicate and I tried to hold out getting this invasive app but was forced to because there's no other way to check my messages unless I get on a computer. Facebook worked fine without this app and it's is an unnecessary addition and download. It should be optional like it was before. Please bring back the old system. There are well founded, clear and serious privacy concerns

Overall good I give it 5 but its incomplete without logout option..plzzzz add logout option..thanxxxxxxxx

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