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Works sometimes Literally it chooses when it wants to work. It won't update conversations or notify me of new messages for like 30 minutes sometimes. And when it does, the conversation screen won't load the messages. Same thing with sending pictures. It won't show that it sent and so I'll try again and then it sends twice because it's so bad at updating. I like having the app but it needs a fix

Major issue.. Video call not on package, log out menu also not on package. Pls pls develop it faster! From now on 3 star.. if you add this on the next update then i will give perfect score!

Needmore I need some thing like lock app, cuz i have some private message that i dont want others see it. I dont know how to log out anyway. Respond soon.

Its ok Don't like being forced into having messenger!! U can't go between apps. Once a message is sent u can't go back to the fb app unless u go home then reopen fb. That sucks

Ur all retarded! It requires permissions such as camera access so u can take pictures and videos in the messenger app, it also requires access to make phone calls as u can actualy call someone from the app in time u will prob be able to make a video call u lot r a bunch of bandwagon retards

Good app It's dodgy wants to know everything posts videos and messages which could cost u it can record u at anytime without your knowledge or permission but cause u accepted they have your permission it is a bit too much for me on invasion of privacy

FB msgr. Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Update for Me → instead of 3x being the charm it was 5X• Update?? I've been made to do this same exact update 4 days in a row. I Let it Completely finish.I Usually always restart My phone after several updates -this time when my phone came bk. on and openedMsgr It tells me I need to login again. I try, but it disappears OR Keeps telling me that my PW isWrong,butI know it's correct bcuz I wrote it down for this purpose only CUZ it keeps giving me a headache so I changed my PW 5x & still a pain in my a$$!

Great app, as always. Don't know why people were complaining; this app has always been superior to default Facebook for messaging. Also, loving all the conspiracy nuts who think they're being spied on.

Mass Paranoia! Please ignore the one star reviews, as they are all tinfoil hat wearing nuts. This app is one of the greatest messengers for Android, and is the best way to stay in touch with Facebook friends.

Bugs and battery consumption I understand the permissions. However, ever since I installed my phone freezes, messages close in the middle of me typing my reply. The storage space for Facebook and messenger are unreal!!! My battery drains super fast now too! Facebook freezes as well as other apps, never had any issues with any apps till downloading messenger!

Pretty good Just gets a little laggy when used a lot. They should introduce a dark theme for it so it's better on battery on an AmOLED screen device.

Whiny much I just have to put this out there! No one forced you to download this app you made a concious choice to download the product offered to you. If you don't like it go to your computer to check your messages! or better yet pick up the phone and call your friends and family. My husband is in Afghanistan and this app allows me to stay in constant contact with him. If this app is causing people so much stress maybe they are too attached to social media!

Messenger This app has improved so much you can make phone calls using your data plan everything seems to be working pretty good it just needs to separate from Facebook it will be nice to use it by itself not have to be part of Facebook not saying it's a bad thing videos please.

One thing needs urgent fix It's impossible to scroll up and see old messages or part of a conversation that you have missed (in a busy group for example): it keeps refreshing and jumping to the last message. Urgently fix this otherwise many people will uninstall (we were kind of forced to install it due to the continued requests!)

Permission The reason this app needs permission to access your devices so that I can activate them during the use of the app not as needed by the company turn these devices on without your express permission ie using the app and according to the Facebook developers the reason for this app is to develop more options such as to call voice message text message picture message other options I love the new app n it's new features I wis grow up be FBI is not that interested in what you did this morning or the self you took

Sound notifications sometimes don't sound It's pretty good... I kinda think the area where you type your message is hella cluttered. There's icons everywhere there but it's not that bad. My issues is sometimes it doesn't make any noises when you're chatting so I can't tell someone said something

Looks and feels cool Better than using the Facebook app. Froze my phone during its first run so I had to do a hard reset to fix it. Also, i hated being forced to download this app. They should have just integrated this with the Facebook app through an update or something. Other than that its good.

Love this app. I defend this app constantly from the people who are paranoid about getting it. I have had it for over a year and it has been great. I have never had it send pictures or messages without me. And also I was very glad I had it when my husband was deployed and he had no cell service and this app was the only way we could communicate.

Bull s*** I deleted it. Why we need to download this? To hack us??? And why the the heck you want to know whats on our phones?? Also you wanna hear what we're talkin and turn our camera on. It's basically hacking. NEVER EVER DOWLOADING THIS APP AGAIN. Facebook is getting worse. And if anyone of you want to download it, please read the accesses that you're giving to Facebook first. They're getting all our info. So no thx.

Don't force us to get something we don't want! I don't like the fact that I am being forced to get this app. No one wants their freedom taken away!

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