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Been crashing lots since I sent a few messages last. Tried uninstalling, clearing cache, installed update and still it crashes every time I go on it. Please fix . Thanks Fantastic

Add a feature to turn off video calling or block video calling from certain people. When people create large groups and spam you with calls, it's annoying. I couldn't even sign out of messanger to stop the calls (you have to have another account to sign in to) and so i had to delete the app for a few hours... Sort that out too. Awesome

Its good. Quality of video chat and voice are excellent.... but its too heavy. Its too heavy when id is logged in. Some internal memory less phone can't even install it due too its heavyness. Its about 2000 Mb after logged it. Can you manage it in next update?. Im looking forward for this issue . Surprisingly

I had given it 3 stars because it took 8 minutes to update, now it takes even longer. Please fix this problem. Also the new update is terrible. It makes my phone crash, hides my keyboard when I'm in the middle of a conversation and the games make my phone freeze and run hot. Please fix this problem for a better review. Thanks. Omg

The app has been great until I changed to Note 8. When video calling, the front cam keeps re-focusing my face so it irritates the other person. Please fix this soon. 5 star

Best messenger ever, but I can't select more than one chat to delete so I always delete them one by one. Also every time anyone is new on messenger, I receive a notification in the form of a conversation which I have to delete later. Please, make multi-conversation deletion possible. Works perfectly

Its ok but a big pain in the ass because it always needs an update but when you look at the "WHAT'S NEW" part its the same damn thing over and over again Great job

App worked perfectly til recently, after updating and now I have problems with sending and receiving messages. Someone could have sent me 50 messages and I won't see them til I restart my phone. Also with sending I'll send messages and the person doesn't get them until I restart my phone and open up their conversation again. Perfect

Since the last update I'm no longer getting notifications when people message me. I've changed no settings Enjoy it!

Why you never show a changelog on what's new and different on the updates of this app? Also App drains the battery Well done!!

IDK WHY my games ain't working I have tried to uninstall and reinstall it so many times but they still refusing to work .. Perfect!

Many udates have been done over the years and it has improved alot. I enjoy it. Easy to use and secure Must have

This app has to many permissions that must be allowed for it to function. Similiar apps request way less. Almost every update says it is adding something new but it seems my app can already accomplish them. Every update requires way to much data. Amazing!

There's still a colour glitch! New Admin features are great! Needs more chat colour options & emoji changes. Apart from that thus app is great!... Go well

REALLY ANNOYING FREEEZE BUG ON VIDEOS VIEWED. Messenger is mostly a quality app. Though it can be intrusive, it has generally simplistic menus and features which are helpful. Could add different notification sounds for individual people. Must have

Too many notifications. FB has its perks but there's also some pitfalls. Much like everything else gotta take the good with the bad and vice versa. I know some will agree, some won't, I don't really care. ...that's my right Perfect!

I think a good update is to put a search bar in conversations I mean if I want to go back and see old chats with a friend I would be able to choose a certain date and see the chats we hade back then. Also with the new update sometimes when I send messages they don't appear delivered even when the other person is active and has Internet connection. Sometimes it shows that a person is typing when they aren't. Also if I login from laptop and then logout, I don't receive messages from friends on messenger in mobile. Please fix these. Perfect!

Very glitchy, constantly freezing.Free call has loud background noises and crossed lines. 60% of time get sonar sounds and then drop connection in messages lose 1\2 of what is being typed. PLEASE do not update if you are giving poor service like this. People won't hesitate to leave and go to a more stable provider like twitter. Not bad

It's a great and useful app, but if you want me to rate 5 stars, download the Facebook app and rate 5 stars too: please, JUST PLEASE add a "Hmm" react to Messenger and Facebook. If you think about it, it's pretty useful if you're confused or wanted to ask something abou the post and at the same time don't want to comment. Please this is my only request to you guys. Marvelous

1.When someone is disturbing group chat, no option to disconnect him from group chat.2. I am group Admin. Members facing problem. Join option is not visible to them. Every time, members send me request and then I had to add them in group call. Kindly update it on priority. 3. More than 32 members can not join group chat. Recommend

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