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Have bug, please fix them ♥ but is a great apps, had been using it since long time ago Go well

Guess I'll just never delete it then! As long as there's a way to transfer this and other Yahoo apps I use that are ending, I'll keep using it. My cycle isn't regular, but this helps me stay in range, it's easy to use, and it's super cute and girly to boot! Yahoo's getting rid of it, but I won't! Great job

Love it I would Give it 5 stars, but there should be a way to make an account and sign in on new devices. Instead of having to log everything in again. Awesome

Nice app! I have irregular cycles due to thyroid disease. This app has help me track cycle fluctuations which are caused by medication adjustments. Flawless

Love it! I've had this app for about 1 year now and I absolutely love how accurate it is. I also love the little advice bubble! It's so cute and adorable too. It's a very simple and functional app :) Edit: I am so sad that they're not going to update and keep this app :(( So sad!!! Works great

Great App!☺ This App is very useful and I like that it gives Advice too. And the cat is cute! Superb!

I love this app I loved this app, it cheers me up when I'm in my cycle. The cat actually makes me smile. Its so cute. Too bad that it will go soon. Worth it!

Really love this app I'm in love with the app love the cat. But why it have to go this the only app I use to keep track of my period. The day I was looking for a app to keep track this app was the 1st one I pick. And now I have to find another app to use to keep track of my period because this app is leaving soon Worth a go!

App doesn't register dates anymore This app has helped so much over the last year, but it no longer works. I haven't been able to register start dates, or any other dates, in two months now, and my schedule reads in negative numbers like it's missing dates. ; ( please bring back Selene! Marvelous

Love it! I've had this app for about 1 year now and I absolutely love how accurate it is. I also love the little advice bubble! It's so cute and adorable too. It's a very simple and functional app :) Not bad

It's really cute I love it except it doesn't link up to the other calendar. But it's really helpful and the cute cat gives few informational comments :3 a recent problem that occurred was that the homepage has -34 days.. it keeps adding up like that in negatives Fantastic

Error in removing a period I cannot remove an item in the period list. I clicked the "-" on the top of app interface, then choose the icon "trash bin". But it doesn't work. Brilliant

Love it! It's really simple, assertive, cute and fun. I really recommend it to my friends and family. Surprisingly

I WOULD LIKE TO ASK A REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTION. Am I able to access this app from another device? Like to access my stuff if I download it on another device? Or you have not made that feature available? Highly Recommend.

I really love it, but it's got a lot of bugs. The history page sometimes can't be edited, and if my period starts late or early the app gets really confused about what's next. I have to reinstall the app and enter all my dates again every few months. Well done!!

Loved it, but then.... It stopped tracking my period, and the little cat doesn't tell me interesting things for the particular times during my period anymore either. I'm still using it to keep track, but I would love an update! Muito bom!

Adorable and useful I love how the cat gives you tips, they're always very helpful (☆^ー^☆) cheers me up when I'm suffering. Thank you for this, an intelligent but small little app just what I, among other women need. Works great

Good with minor bugs It worked well for six months but i had to fix a date i had entered as the start date. When i tried editing it, it came as a new entry. When i tried deleting the previous record, it didn't get deleted. Not bad

Messed up It Used to be a really great app, been using it since 2014 especially love how easy it is to use, butnow everything is messed up i tried to delete and reinstall its still giving errors and althou i'm still putting down the dates it give me ➖Days i hope you can fix it !! And related to a comment i read please do not use the US date system its messed up noone uses that aside from the US ! Great!

Needs US system of measurement! I love this app and would give it 5 stars if you would give us an option to use pounds instead of kilograms. Plus, an icon to represent cramps would be a great addition. I'd also like to be able to change the date format. Most people don't use year/month/day. I prefer month/date/year. Considering this app takes up more than 26mbs of space, I think that these suggestions are reasonable. I think others would agree. Thanks Go well

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