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Easy to use I have a hard time trying to find something simple that I can use easily and this is the perfect app for me Great!

Helps me keep track of everything in a descreet way. Must have

Backup feature makes this program 5 stars. Brilliant

I love how it helps me keep track of monthly matters. Well done!!

It was OK... I really liked this app, but they should say you have to pay from the beginning. This baiting people with a "free" app, and then once they get so used to the app, make them upgrade. Terrible business practice. I probably should complain to Google Play. There should be a separate category for trial based apps. That way users aren't surprised and forced to pay. Great job

It's great but.... I do love this app but here's a suggestion make an "Idk" button when it asks how long ones cycle is Fabulous!

Free is not really Free Would have gotten a higher rating if it was really free. Now I must either pay or risk losing my data.... Perfect!

Awsomeness This works for me it lets me know two days before I start so im prepared and it helps 100%....

Time Trial They don't tell you that it's a time trial app.. it's very useful if you trying to get pregnant.

Not as advertised This app is amazing and there had been a trial version available for my iPhone. When I switched to android, they have this same app marketed as free when it is only a trial.

hassle free app. keeping track of period is really a pain in the ass but this app nailed it. :) only hope that we could change the color. i hate pink.. Recommend to get Menstrual Calendar APK

Dissapionting At first I loved it but after a period (pun intended) you can't enter data. Very dissaponting

Not cool You spend your trial time and you're required to buy and that's not cool at all. Folks don't download

The Best I have tried other Menstrual apps, but always return to this one. Simpler, easier to use and the best there is.. Recommend to download Menstrual Calendar APK

a bit of support for restoring data In order to restore data you have to copy the backup file from your other device to Android/data/ (this is the path on S4 mini for the premium version). To be sure the folder exist, (1) make before a backup on the new device and look in that folder for the file. (2) Then replace it with the backup from the old device (send it via email and download). (3) Use the settings Restore data menu. Hope it helps someone, but definitely should be improved in the app.. Recommend to install Menstrual Calendar APK

This one's a keeper! I've been searching for a good nfp charting app on android to replace femcalLite on my old iphone. This app has everything I need: temp, cervical mucus, symptoms, etc, plus a nice display. But please add the ability to record ovulation pain.

GREAT APP ! Love this app .. was upset to lose it when changing phones .. really happy to have got it back now.. !

Great! So happy on here. I had this on my iphone and looked for this when I first got my Samsung and couldn't find it. Im so happy its on here! This is an excellent tracker to the point that I used this to fall pregnant and now have my 5 month old boy.

Very good, but trial only! Very good app for keeping track of your cycle, but they hide the fact its only a trial version, then try to get you to pay to continue to use the premium version! I would never pay for this app, and especially not $3.99! Disappointed.

Love it! everything worked perfectly with my backup and all my information is accurate. Perfect!

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