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Bring Back PDF File-SDCARD saving; do you expect us to downgrade phones and tablets?? Well done!!

Excellent - syncs with your Mendeley account and allows you to access your papers on your mobile device. Muito bom!

If you can add the web importer at the app level itself, it would be a great help. Omg

App is great for a researcher. But not 5*sh as there are still slots of features missing and the support system is extremely slow. For example for android system I sè that the feature was asked in 2015 to save the files on the sd card for android system. I am still waiting for that feature Enjoy it!

without a doubt the best reference app on android! Sync with desktop and use google chrome tool while researching! Highly Recommend.

Working as a researcher, I think this is a great app for reading papers on my tablet, marking, and taking notes. However, I sometimes find it hard to find the articles I want to read within my library. Mostly, because in the recently read section it shows me ALL the papers I have ever read on this tablet. That's not helpful. Good

The app is good. If you could add the ability to print directly from app, that would be great. Also, while sharing from app, it doesn't show pdf-opening apps, probably because Mendeley app doesn't mark files being shared as pdf. Go well

It's a great app for a student like me who wants to read research papers everywhere. It has one annoying downside though, i can't choose sd card for storing my papers even though it's always available it's always choosing my phone device as it's main storage. Please fix this ASAP Muito bom!

Really convenient! Would it be possible to implement a mobile friendly view? Microsoft Word has this feature, and while it's not perfect, it helps a lot. Also, double tap to zoom could use a (smooth) transition animation. Other than that, keep it up! Muito bom!

Nice feature.. Pdf reading, highlight and comment, cite, sync with desktop, etc. Useful for research Just wow

I like the app..the only thing it should have in addition is a pdf text reader so that one can listen to it on the go n pause n make annotations where necessary..please add that feature and it will be a great help Great!

Powerful reference manager with free 2gb storage. Its saving me so much time. Thank you. Pretty good

I have to test it further but one thing that disappointed me is that it does not allow to store PDFs in the sd card. This option says that it is still in beta, when I press it doesn't see my sd card. Perfect

excellent app. only problem is storing of pdfs. it should be on the card or external device like otg. i many times run out of internal space, so need to delete some apps or other files. develolers see the matter 5 star

Perfect. The only issue I have is that I often lose my location in pdf files. Mostly when switching between landscape and portrait. Which makes the app useless for reading long pdfs. love it can I sync my mendeley tablet with mendeley desktop to syn my bibliography that I have prepared in both mendeley.... So confused... Perfect

The most wonderful part of Mendeley is that you can use it on Android, iOS and Windows, that's really helpful! Works perfectly

I hope I could make citations from this app right away, and also, add bookmark on the pages that is important, please add more feautures. Amazing!

Works well but for some reason the app doesn't always keep track of your place in a long document depending on switching in portrait or landscape mode, especially on tablets Brilliant

I hope I could make citations from this app right away, and I can add bookmark on the pages that is important, add more feautures. Perfect

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