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Would like it better if at least the 2nd level wasn't a pay level. I thought at one point it was free but that changed I guess. I like the game though because it helps keep my brain sharp, having Multiple Sclerosis, memory problems are common. Flawless

Where are my jokers????? Update!!!!! Don't buy jokers, I've been waiting on mine for months. I send messages through messenger & they ask for purchase confirmation &still no jokers. Game is good, just dont purchase more than what you have to. love it

I love this game! I love that maybe it is helping me strengthen my memory skills. The part I love most is seeing the flags of the people I play with from so many different countries! Perfect

Problems Love this game and play it everyday but have had many issues over the last few months. Paid for jokers and never received them. Also keeps saying problem with Internet connection. Must have

Having difficulty ending the game. I play the last round then the screen disappears before I can select replay or ok. I then have to end the game and take a - 0 - score. This happens in both Memozzle and Memozzle Free. What is going on??? I have played for years with no problems and all of a sudden this..... HELP!!!! Worth it!

Login Issues I am also having the same login issues. Paying to play and not being able to access is frustrating. Hopefully someone is working on a resolution to this issue. Amazing!

Wonderful game just wish people would finish games. Instead of having to constantly start new games and have a ton of unfinished games... very annoying.. Fantastic

Where are my jokers????? Had some trouble in the beginning with purchases but these guys come through! I did have to wait a bit for my jokers but got a surprise at the end. Thank you, I was scared you were ruining the game but I'm addicted.

Memozzle Love it!! My grandkids love it too. Maybe make the cards a bit bigger easy to see. Very challenging Cool

Change I I'm tired of waiting for a Punisher contact me I wish that I could just play a game by myself Works perfectly

Jokers not found.. I did not get the the jokers when I bought the game..while in advertisement it was promisins to give me 15 jokers.. Omg

Great fun It's challenging and fun. The touch and internet speed can be slow. It would be better with more update pictures for variation. Well done!!

Fast and challenging This game is fast and challenging. You play with a variety of people who are at different levels of skill. Doesn't get boring. You can also play alone to practice. Not bad

Great game I love this game. I didn't realize how bad my memory was until playing this game. Lol. But I have seen improvements since playing this. Pretty good

Great game Like the game wish it offered an option to play against computer as I don't like to wait for others to play Marvelous

It's fun Only complaint is that as the rounds become more difficult, a little more time should be added to the clock. Flawless

Addictive be warned So addictive this but well worth paying 1.99 for the added features and no annoying adverts. Best game played in a long time by far Good

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