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Please fix Fresh Ideas workin the app. It's a pain to navigate because it doesn't scale to fit smartphone screens properly. Recommend

I think they should add a spot to where we can access our schedule and ask for time off. Great job

Not that impressed yet Since I'm in a role where I don't have a company email I had hoped this would allow me to get more info. Until we can make suggestions to help business this is really just a nice peek at some info i wouldn't normally know. Cool

Niche AF It works, but it's a very niche app. I think only store team leaders and the like have any use for store news, PR statements, and such. It's useless for an employee/customer like me. Awesome

It works It works for what it does I suppose, I'm just mainly curious what will be added and what the current purpose of this app really is in its current form. Enjoy it!

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