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You need to put up a short summary/overview with brief management and investigation plan of every topic before going into details as it is very time consuming to go through the details especially when we need medscape help during duties in ERs & ICUs & CCUs...regards Great job

As a pharmacist, I find Medscape to be the most useful free phone app for identifying pills. It seems to be a bit more up to date than Epocrates. Awesome

Great all-round medicine app. News articles can't go onto 'next page' do can't read all of article. Fabulous!

I dont have consult in my medscape? I use android on Huawei? "plzz help... any one have an idea??? love it

Wow wonder app for medical profession Download whole and use it offline with regular updates it seems everything is fine to use thanks to its developers Brilliant

I have used the medscape website for years, and the app puts all that information at my fingertips in my pocket all day at work, I love it. As an ICU nurse I find it my best resource especially with the fact that there are always new articles on the latest practices and research on a whole myriad of topics. Not bad

Awesome app. Love the offline access. Not able to access my account though. When I try to log in I get a response saying "password or e mail invalid". I reset the password with no success. I was prompted to check FAQs or HELP on the website but problem persists. Works great

As medical student, I never see other apps like this.It very easy to use,reliable and the source they used are standard which help you to speak common language. However in offline form the image are not seen especially imaging investigation which are very important for us.It is better if it approved in next versions Worth a go!

I gave you 5 Fabulous!

as a caregiver of 6, this app is amazing. the med list is always upto date and accurate Works great

Very informative, keeps me up to date on the latest medical information, handy and easy to use Good

The app itself is excellent Loses a star due to not allowing access to the clinical briefs. Phones would be the perfect platform to read 15 minute 0.25CE. Everything else is very useful. Must have

Not being given the option to share directly via watsapp, twitter app, facebook lite app is frustrating. Plz integrate these ASAP Perfect!

App is wonderful...but now it is stopping again & again. Please resolve this issue asap Works perfectly

App is good. But i found problem in operating app. App gets shut down by its own while i read sign and symptoms of every topic or disease. Kindly solve this problem. Worth it!

App has been crashing every time I try to read info. Happening last couple of weeks. My other apps aren't crashing so must be Medscape. Hopefully y'all can fix it. Cool

Medscape. This app is amazing and up to date. Perfect for everyone In healthcare.. It would be great if we can have a feature to highlight sentences and save them. Helps during study too. Thank you. Surprisingly

Insanely brilliant work by brilliant minds.. God/Science bless you all... I wish I could buy you a beer/coffee :( Perfect

Its crashing a lot in note 8 kindly rectify the issue. Otherwise this is a wonderful app. Amazing!

Stopped working on my Google pixel 2.. Resolve the issue.. Reinstalled so many times but not working. Pretty good

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