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Great app. Used it for years, hides what I need it to. Developers are helpful too. I managed to forget my password and all sorted. Could do with being able to organise hidden media to folders. Perfect!

I have used this application for a while now and it worked awesomely, that is until this latest it won't even open and crashes each time I try...on two different android devices...please fix this quickly... Updated at 1750...Fixed!!! Great job!!! Amazing!

Lost my pics when update I love the concept, but I recently upgraded Android 2 marshmallow and it lost the pics in my private folder. Works great

Would easily be five stars if it distinguished between pictures and videos. Guess I'll go back to using the original two programs. Amazing!

Great appreciated​ app that really works a must have, thanks to the developers​.I already rated this app Perfect

Once you figure it out, it worked like a charm! Smallest 'permissions' list from any similar software that I've found. Recommend

Good for hiding stuff from kids/friends/coworkers This app is perfect for hiding your more "interesting" photos & videos from casual observers, so you can hand your phone to someone and not worry that they will stumble across anything embarrassing. It won't protect you against a determined investigator who has time to pull your memory card or plug into a PC, but this app isn't not meant for that.

Works but has bug's Good interface easy to use and work okay. However as soon as you try to hide a file an error occurs and closes the app. You then need to re open the app log in again and the operation you want to do will have been done. So it's annoying. Fix this bug and it would be a 5 star.

5 is not enough stars Always a reliable app. I have had it for almost three years and it is working as good as ever!

Media Vault Does just what it claims. Simple and effective. They keep making improvements, but fortunately not more complicated.

PERFECT Best vault app I've used so far on my Galaxy Note 4 running lollipop. Great work Fantastic

5.2.2 is trouble.. I'll up the rating not because the problem is fixed, but because they have responded fairly quickly. If they fix it I'll up to 5 stars... Fantastic

good apps I liked it very much, easy to use. It is a very good app Great!

Perfect Wanted to keep prying eyes from seeing what I wanted private. This works. Superb!

Flawless on my s5 Works perfect for me no more drama from the baby mama Perfect!

Great on my Galaxy S5 I'm not sure what other people are doing to have problems, but this works perfectly on my S5. I am rooted, but on a stock rom, so that shouldn't affect anything. Useful app, as always! Muito bom!

Glad I waited... Always a reliable app. I have had it for two years over two devices. Now caught up to KitKat and working as good as ever. Highly Recommend.

Ok but... needs an in-app menu button for phones that do not have menu buttons like the Samsung Galaxy S5. Otherwise I can't reach the Settings to rescue my files. Amazing!

Excellent app! Hides all images and videos that I choose. Also have PhotoVault. Support the dev. wow lol

Simple, effective, dependable Amazingly simple and robust. Keeps my main gallery neat, and makes photos and videos easy to find with the use of folders in private gallery. Great!

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