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Okay the layout and design are perfect. The instructions are made for someone who doesn't cook and I LOVE that it tell you what EQUIPMENT to prep. However the 2 recipes I tried (ground beef cabbage stir fry, sweet potato beef chili) were incredibly bland I had to add a lot of little things to fix the recipe. Great app Meh recipes Amazing!

Great app and lots of great recipes! Instructions are super easy to follow and the meals offer healthy but elevated flavors! I do wish I could get the nutrition info without having to pay for the upgraded version and I wish there was a way to save your shopping list and upload it to other grocery list apps. Go well

Have been using this app (free version) for a little while now and am really enjoying it. Super easy to choose recipes, grocery shop, and then get cooking at home with confidence that I have everything I need. I hate the planning aspect of cooking, especially when it's just for myself, and Mealime has made it really painless. Enjoy it!

Just installed it today. I really like the food options. I just wish they had an option for fast/easy and then pro. So days we are in a hurry I can make a meal off that list. I love the grocery list option! Made my shopping fast and easy today. I also wish they had breakfast, snacks, and lunch instead of only dinner. Other then that so far a great app. Surprisingly

Just what I was looking for. It's easy to follow, you choose the meals you want to make, and it gives you the list of groceries too get food a weeks worth of meals. You can choose how many meals you want to make. I live this, it's exactly what I've been looking for. No more wandering around looking for my next meal idea. Thank you so much Fabulous!

Only drawback is pro is pricy! Other than that a great app and more affordable that doing other meal delivery services Great job

Switched from Blue Apron to this app. It's nice getting more options and planning a whole week instead of getting two or three meals. The wide variety is better, the way one is able to edit the meal plan to not show items they can't eat or don't care for is great, and it's awesome that they give you the grocery list which one could change an ingredient at the last minute. Works great

This is exactly what i am looking for and i love the grocery list aspect. The recipes look delicious and its so easy to quickly get into making them! Worth a go!

It was a very easy app that allowed me to make a list go grocery shopping and take care of my daily duties Superb!

I wish i had this exact app for breakfast and lunch. It would make my life so easy! Marvelous

I am so happy with this app. It is easy to use and provides a bunch of options. The grocery list provided is fantastic. Awesome

Excellent app, love all the recipes and super quick to make, hassle free shopping list is an added bonus Not bad

The same services I was getting from Platejoy for free. I wish I had heard about this one sooner. Recommend

This app is a game changer. LOVE that it has a flexotarian option. Download this app. You will not be sorry. Omg

Easiest app for meal planning and creating a shopping list!!! Thanks Mealime for great recipes too!!!! Perfect

This great however written in US English so some of the ingredients are different to UK understanding. Apart from this small detail I like it . Especially the shopping element where it pulls together all the meal plans and creates the shopping items needed for that week Brilliant

Just downloaded, but looking through the recipes look good. And having it make a shopping list based on the meals you pick for the week is varsity. I'm impressed with it. Not a huge meal prepped but trying to get into it to make it easier at work instead of buying junk. Seems like this will do it Worth a go!

I have never cooked meals. Preparing for meals was always something that stressed me to no end! Not anymore! Mealime has made planning, shoppers for groceries, and cooking organized, simple, and easy to do! The selections are delicious, and quite varied! Everyone in my family is now looking forward to when Dad is cooking! This app has been a lifesaver! Pretty good

Very nice app. Even the free version. Which is the one I use. My only complaint is that while there is a whole lot of variety there's not much for variety for the dishes. Which isn't really an issue, you can make substitutions on your own. Great!

Really like the app and how easy it is to use. However, I'm not a fan of the cost structure. They charge a subscription which seems to offer additional meal options. Should just charge a 1 time fee or lump sum. Cool

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