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Didn't mind paying as it's compatible with Xbox one controller via Bluetooth and supports screen mirroring. Amazing app plus it plays almost all roms from freeroms Surprisingly

It's a good emulator but: Aspect ratio is wrong for Master System games. Although Master System games are 192 lines tall, it is still 224 lines with the 192 lines centered. So the aspect ratio needs to be based on 224. Games are as a result squished sideways. Marvelous

Great emulator, lots of different options to tweak with, though it would be nice if you could emulate the 32x as well, since the sega cd is there, why not 32x as well? Go well

Aspect ratio is wrong for Master System games. Although Master System games are 192 lines tall, it is still 240 lines with the 192 lines centered. So the aspect ratio needs to be based on 240. Games are as a result squished sideways. Otherwise a decent emulator. 5 star

Aspect ratio is wrong for Master System games. Master System games are 192 lines tall, not 224 or 240 like Genesis. Games are squished sideways. Otherwise a decent emulator. Worth a go!

Best Genesis emulator on Android. I've tested it with close to 100 ROMs and it's got perfect compatibility. Highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys the Genesis! Flawless

Good, but it's too inaccurate emulator to be payed. You should switch the core to Genesis plus gx or picodrive. Fantastic

It even has game genie codes too. I tried to play the Sega CD games and Sega 32x games and it doesn't work. it keeps saying MD has stopped Great job

I love the quality of the .emu-series emulators so much. They are reliable, comfortable, simple, user friendly, offer all the features you need if you want to play with a controller or on the big tv screen and simply work without any issues.This emulator is worth every single cent of its moderate price tag. Best MD/Genesis emulator on Android. Great!

The main reason I got this was for support for the Sega CD. And not a single bin I have used has worked in this emulator. Not a one. It opens to the normal sega CD screen, and then it opens the game. The second any game opens and goes to the title screen, it all freezes in a very short loop. I have attempted numerous troubleshooting techniques, but nothing has worked. Is there anyway to somehow get this to function properly? I can't find any other emulator for the phone that will play sega CD so it's gotten sort of frustrating at this point. Highly Recommend.

The app is ok but it's rarely updated when it could clearly use a few fixes and features. The genesis emulator that this was apparently based on now has a over clocking feature that this would greatly improve this emulator as well. While it remains functional, the lack of any real updates makes me feel like this emulator has wasted potential. Superb!

This is my favorite emulator for playing Sega games on Android. Only thing I didn't like was that it lacks support for 90hz and 120hz on the Razer phone. Perfect

Needs Chromebook support. Excellent app! Always the most compatible. I own them all. For those on a Chromebook laptop, the developer needs to update the app for SD card support. Go well

By far the best Genesis emu, Sega CD is a bit hit and miss. Its an awful shame that it looks like Robert has given up, as his work on android emulation was exemplary. He's clearly put a lot of work I'm a deserves every penny. Marvelous

Wonderful emulator, just be aware that the Sega CD is not compatible with all roms (At least from my experience). Tried 3 different ROMs, one worked, the other two experienced this issue where the Sega Logo boots up then freezes. I assume this is because the emulator itself does not have "perfect sync" according to online discussions. Otherwise, very good emulator. Highly recommend. Worth a go!

Everything is good but as far as I can tell, there's no way to change which buttons do what on Master System games. Good

Flawless Emulation and access to every technical setting an EMU geek could ever want. Also, no issues with accessing roms on SD card with my LGV20 running android 7. Sonic CD and Silpheed both working nicely. This is by far the best genesis/Sega CD emu on android. Sonic CD looks just like the native android app running on this. If this EMU is available for android tv, I plan to put it on their as well. 5 star

The emulation itself is quite good, but the interface is really bad. The menus, pause screen, etc...they all are badly (hard)coded. Would appreciate a refund, but 48hrs had past. Great!

Used this to play Snatcher a fairly unknown Hideo Kojima (Metal Gear Solid) game. Worked great. Muito bom!

The best Genesis emulator I found so far. No input lag from any of my Bluetooth controllers or my wired one. I hope his NES emulator is just as reliable. Go well

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