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Absolutely great! Helps me keep track and it's very precise with it's predictions. Just wow

Accurate predictions , Attractive themes , Useful features & can use when offline . * More themes must b provided to basic users . love it

I loved it since when I used it... But there are some faulty that I suggest to improve: -- When the arrow to scroll to the next month is pressed it goes forward or backwards of two months often (really annoying) -- The prediction for the symptoms are highlighted only for 'today', what if I want to see them every day? Maybe I forgot to write down one symptom and want to see which I was supposed to have. Thank you for your attention Go well

Just perfect.... I nvr had such belief on any of such apps but maya made me do its actually reliable.. Perfect dates easy consulting wid d ones already suffered without opening ur real identity.... Thanew maya fr being there wid me Omg

Ok so i have just started with this app and hands down the best period tracker i have used. So easy and cute Perfect

love it ...! ❤ its very helpful .. & i like how it tells you when its safe & unsafe to have sex to Perfect!

This all is wonderful . its pretty and gives tips to help with that special time ! Great job ! Amazing!

My fav period tracking app. I changed phones and models of phone and never had problems to keep tracking with the same app Enjoy it!

I can't open the app anymore when I got the latest update.. Please fix this.. I've been using this app since last year and I freaking love it but I can't open it anymore.. Fantastic

I finally got the android phone, installed this app and it is great! I've been using it for about 3 years on WP and in my opinion it is the best available for WP. All my data was synced right away after logging in. Keep up the good work! Marvelous

It's very helpful n convenient, easy to use. It also tells some useful information. Surprisingly

Love this app.It is an easy and very accurate tracker and the predictions are very accurate. Enjoy it!

Best app! It is so accurate..with add-ons of monthly graph on cycles, this app...❤ Fantastic

It is helpful and very useful app, that you will enjoy in. It has very comfortable look and colors, and it gives you predictions and all information you need with analyzes according your stored data. Surprisingly

I love this app. It's cute and discrete. It let's me record everything I want and then some. Highly recommended. Highly Recommend.

Super helpful in tracking my cycle. Sends notifications whenever I have to become alert about PMS or a cycle that is due. Omg

Update: Maya rectified the issue below after requesting a receipt of my premium purchase. I'm not sure why this information was not readily viewable in my account with Maya (and I did ask). I've enjoyed this app for a few years and decided to support with premium after LoveCycles became Maya, but it's concerning that premium subscription records have to be kept on the customer's end versus Maya's backend to ensure a premium subscription is completely fulfilled. --- I have a premium subscription that ends next year. After a factory reset and logging into my Maya account, it no longer shows my premium subscription and in fact asks me to get premium when I attempt to change my theme back to what I had chosen before. Google Play still shows premium ending next year. With several months still left on a premium subscription, I'm unsure why this issue even exists. Go well

This App tracks my cycles perfectly and makes it a no brainer to not get pregnant until I want to :-) I Love It!! Works perfectly

I love this app because maya has many good features. It's very useful and very cute. I've had a problem with this app and the developer helped me to solve it. their service is the best. Muito bom!

This app is superb, I tend to forget my time. I love this app and strongly recommend to all women's to use it at least once. I'm sure you will also fall in love. Great job

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