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I'm so happy with this app :-) This app helped me to conceive by giving very good estimation of fertile days. Its so easy to track our cycles! Decent interface and easy to understand. Great work!

Great app It does everything I need, perfectly and it looks pretty. The icon is very discreet. Best women's calendar app out there.

Love it! This helps me so much!! Since I have trouble balancing my hormones (I.e I cry all the time when I'm due on) and this helps me to control them, as I know when I'm due on and so I can manage my emotions a lot more easier. As well as knowing when to be prepared.

I LOVE IT ITS just so easy to use... and plus its aways rite.. just in case you have a special event you have to go to..great for teens like me

Simple and very accurate Well like the title says its a very simple app and in my opinion very accurate, within 2 months of using app I got caught pregnant, over the moon. Hope it helps all you other want to be mommies x

Amazing...Must Have For All Girls My only suggestion would be to have some notification if your late on your period instead of having to manually check. I guess the "alerts" or alarms work, but it'd be nice to specifically tell me, "You're late". But that is just me being picky and is no big deal. I assume the love heart means sexually active that day, but not 100% sure. That's how I use it anyways. This helps me use natural ways to be safe as well as reminds me so I won't forget my BC. Must have for every girl.

Must-have for ladies! It's so easy to use and has simple yet very cute icons. I love it so much! Rated 5 stars

Good app It has all the needed features with no added bloat. Needs a tablet layout, and themes.

Does the Job Best app ever for this situation. For me, it has been s accurate and very helpful. Thanks for making my suggestion about login in come true. This makes me very happy that I don't lose all my data. God Bless and keep it up :D

Lovely This is a great app for a simple way of keeping track of your cycle....however I would love if it had more detail as to when your fertile an ovulation instead of the color variation for women who are still is wonderful doh

Very good app! This app is very practical and helpful. The widget is the best, just a quick look and you know if your couple is in fertile days; of course, understand this app only gives approximate info and therefore be cautious when having sex. Recommend to download LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar APK.

LoveCycles! I just started and its a easy and simple way for me to manage my days :) for someone like me who doesn't enjoy keeping calender dates or losing track it great!!!. Recommend to install LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar APK.

#writing-notes Muuy Bien(:! Me encanta es super femenino es muiii audas,& todo esta bien me facina es la mejor app que puede aver para las adolecentes & mujeres Tambien(:

#menstrual-calendar Beautifully Simple! Cute and sleek design. Ads are well placed and out of the way, as can be seen in the screenshots. It's very easy to input dates, even for past cycles, which made transferring information from the manual calendar I had much faster than other apps I've tried. Widget is also nice and discreet.

#know-what-to-expect I think I love it!!!! I've downloaded two period/ovulation tracker apps before this one... The first two had my next expected cycle and fertility dates hella wrong... This app has the same info as WebMD which has always been right for me

#tracking-everything Needs to be TTC friendly! I would give 5 stars if Todd of us that are trying to conceive could enter where a cycle was successful in actually getting pregnant. Upon achieving that, a widget that counts how long left, current gestation what the size of the fetus compared to fruit & veggies. Otherwise, I LOVE this so app!!!! I've tracked 17 cycles by now.

So far so good! It does what I need it do. It's simple and easy to use and discreet on my phone. Give it a shot!. Recommend to install LoveCycles Menstrual Calendar APK.

4 stars!! I love the details! But I keep one star for the adv keep showing. And please let me move this app to SD card.

Awesome! It is a great app. It is not veeery accurate but works well. It'd be awesome to be able to share your history with someone; I share it with my bf but would be great if we both were able to work on it as "team".

A great app! All what you need. Gave it 4 stars because I'd like to see a new look for the calendar.

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