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This is a great app, I'm worry free now and it even reminds you if your late and reconfigures it. Go well

It reminds me about my cycles shows me possible symptoms and the period math is also great to depend on Works great

Very easy and friendly App. It keeps tracks of your periods and at the same time helps you know your green days. You can use this app to conceive or avoid Pregnancy. Its been a year I m using this app. Superb!

i m been using this app sence 3 yrs n its dam good has all necesry thgs without any stupid stuff...dam easy n convinient ..... Omg

Too many adds now, otherwise I would give it 5*. Helpful, easy to use, neat info. Recommend

Great app. Simple and has everything I need without unnecessary complications. Great tips very inclusive and nothing sexist. Very accurate with circles, helped me with my pregnancy. Good job! Amazing!

Have been using this app for over 2 years now. Beyond the years of having children but it is very handy for keeping track of my cycle. Awesome

I like the app. It's cute and simple. I am not quite happy how I bought the upgrade 1 year ago to remove ads and now you have to pay monthly or yearly to use the themes and among others features. It's ridiculous. - _ - Works great

The free version is good. It helps track my period and all the fun stuff that comes with it. I make notes when anything unusual happens so that when I see my gyno I have the details for them. I tried upgrading to the premium version and paid $4.99 but my app did not upgrade. I sent an email and received no response so I requested a refund from Google Play. Great!

I love this app! I have PCOS and my period is super unpredictable but this app have been really helpful in keeping track. Worth a go!

Works perfectly for tracking periods, symptoms, and ovulation. Helped me get pregnant last year! Surprisingly

I just updated this app and when.I.try to login in just says this account already exists. Just doesn't let me login. My entire data is lost. Help! Superb!

I use Maya for mor than 5 years and love it very much. With it I never forget my cycles. Marvelous

It's a great so but the current update has added lots of advertisements so that we subscribe to it instead of using it for free. That's quite annoying because there's an ad everytime you open something Marvelous

It would be better if when your cycle was late/longer (as well as shorter) than the norm it continued to track rather than list it as not tracking. Also maybe keep the day you were supposed to start marked so you know how often you were late and by how many days. Brilliant

It is perfectly accurate.... And u can also share it wid partner which makes it awesome.... Not bad

The moods and the symptoms are accurate. It is really reliable. The new doctor chat is so good to ask for help without guilt. Thanks a lot Maya . Must have

Perfect for ppl like me fully equipped And they give great suggestions.. A true friend kinda Highly Recommend.

I like every feature of this app. Outs not just an app for your cycle, it's an app for every kind of woman. Wheather you're just tracking your period, your ovulation even your pregnancy. Just awesome. Worth it!

Edit: since the latest update of being able to track the consistency of mucus as well as protected/unprotected sex, this app receives 5 stars from me, FINALLY! :) I use this app in combination with another and together they're awesome! I like being able to track my moods, and how I feel at certain times of the month. It has helped me understand my body more. Definitely recommend! Great!

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