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Need to allow more than 10 and More period options available after the 7days. More of the Basics! Surprisingly

Best aap to track your daily routine and health Which is very difficult in today's life Maya has made my life easy, now I don't forget my Periods dates. Best App I would love to recommend this to all girl's who want to be healthy and have full control on their activities. Go well

Use more than 3 years. Make backups by mail. Very comfortable. Can make some notes about mood and health. Remind me about my days. Thank you! 5 star

Really cute app! But it don't let me mark more than 6 symptoms, even that it says that I can mark 10 . And I miss some features like: sleep , cigarettes and alcohol tracking. I would like to say when I'm feeling motivated and productive too. But still, really great app, very useful and beautiful :) Superb!

It's been working great since I got it. And my cycle is accurate most of the time Worth it!

It's ok. A little laggy sometimes but other than that, it does what's advertised. Thank you! Enjoy it!

It got EVEN BETTER after the last update! Really helpful appz easy to use and cute. Perfect

I've had this app for around 5 years now and I really don't change it for any other. Highly Recommend.

Awesome app.. It shows perfect date.. M using this app since 5 years I founded this app very much usefull Brilliant

I had just rated this app with 5 stars and now really aggressive adverts are popping up making me long for an addblocker. I believe adverts can be done in less aggressive ways! Would love if Maya changed this again! Other than that I am a fan. The app is helpful in many ways! Nice and simple design, great tips for different parts of the cycle. And space for personal cycle notes. wow lol

I love the app but hate all the ads. You can upgrade but it isn't a one time fee, it's a yearly fee. Besides that, I do love how much you can track, how spot on it is with my cycle and all the facts it gives you throughout each day. It allows you to track moods, behaviors, love making, med taking and has a note area that allows me to keep track of even my bowel movements. Great app just needs to lose the ads and have a reasonable one time charge. Works perfectly

Pro member. Great prediction app that's easy to use. I'd like to see the bbt chart use smaller increments on the scale to get a better idea if I'm reallt ovulating. That would be really helpful for women with pcos Awesome

This app is great i have used it for many years already and decided to upgrade to the add free version. Dont bother doing it i still get adds. Waste of money. Highly Recommend.

Helpful in many ways! Nice and simple design, great tips for different parts of the cycle. Works perfectly

Perfect for a girl, woman, on her period,or planing to get pregnent! Wondurful! Best one out in the store. Been using this about 1 year now. never regreted it once. Does JUST WHAT IT"S SUPPOUSE to do. Higly reccomend this. Well done!!

I don't really like that y'all took away so many symptoms and moods. I actually used most of them, thank you. I like to know if I'm sick at that time like now for instance! Please stop changing things, everytime I like something you change it. It's really annoying. Brilliant

Very good app! I'm glad a friend recommend it to me to have good record of the days! Recommend

The best n must app every girl should have. Tip of fingers it provides a great info at ease which we generally tend to recall Great job

A necessity, these days. It took me a while to find this app. I had one other app that lasted a few yrs until it glitched out. Very informative & helps to track for health reasons. So glad I found it!!! Great!

Lovely app, the developers are very supportive and reply to email queries. I've used it for 4 years now and I quite like the way it works and looks. Unfortunately, after upgrade there are now apps which is rather annoying, but the app itself is great. Worth a go!

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