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I follow this app,, really very good, useful.. I can't forget my periods date... Works perfectly

ive been using maya for the past year. accurate and has lots of tips. however, i dunno which option i can use to switch to pregnancy calendar? Good

I've been using this app since 2 years and it's kind of accurate for me... As u enter Ur every month details it shows more accuracy for Ur cycles. Just wow

Overall it's good but it should send me notifications a day before my period will start... I have to open nd check my date... Please do something about this Just wow

Great to Control Mood swings and periods. Give a inside of what's going on with you so you're not in the dark Works great

Great app but user interface is slightly wonky. Allows me to easily track my cycle and has a clean ui, I just wish it was more intuitive when switching from daily to monthly notes. Good

vvery good aap for girls nd plzz tell me how can I get back my old track from the app Works perfectly

Really helpful. Sometimes it might be off by a day or two (that's more my body's fault than the app) but on a serious tip, this app has saved lives. Specifically the lives of my clothes. Lol wow lol

The mood projections are astoundingly accurate, which helps me moderate my emotions during PMS. Great!

I've been using this app since 2015! Its the best one out there! It would be great if "Today's tips" could be saved so that you can go back and read them again. But apart from that 5 Worth a go!

Downgraded to 3 stars bec I haven't received any notifications for several months now, despite enquiry. Device settings are turned on for this app, so I don't know what's wrong. Perfect

Upgraded version is very good.. Maya helps alot in keeping a record of cycles... Great job

Seriously this app helps me alot's amazing.. I will recommend it to every woman Not bad

Awesome and helped me alot. Cute and easy to use. All the right features. People to talk to. Doctors advice and forums to share problems. A 5 star from me. ❤❤❤ love it

Been using this app for a really long time now. It's amazing and helped me understand my cycles better. Keep it up Must have

I really love this app and it's so accurate. I've been using it since three years ago. If you could add reminders for others contraceptive methods (as patchs) would be great ♥️ Great!

I have tried different apps to track my flow and really like this one the best. Its simplistic and i like the design. I have used it for 3 years now Brilliant

This a easy way to not only track menses but also stay connected to other girls and doctor. Keep up the good work Amazing!

I used to LOVE this app, I've had it for a few years now. It's functional as well as cute, and you can record moods and conditions throughout your cycle. 2 things make it only 3 stars for me. 1) I'm okay with ads on the side or bottom of the app, but they pop up over the screen and sometimes you have to wait to c out of them, which is awful. 2) You can no longer see mood and condition forecasts for the days ahead, only for the current day and previous days. Which is pretty useless and disappointing because it didn't use to be that way. Still a good app however. Must have

I like it. Please don't change it because I rely on it. Thank you. I really like the tips and symptoms Worth a go!

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