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Cyan 5 This level is broken on my lg 370, running kit Kat. The rolling thing gets stuck and does not fully make a ramp. Highly Recommend.

Good game This is a really great game, but for PC I like it even better. The controls for this app seem much less responsive than in the Web based version. Once you're spinning it takes way too long to stop! Also, it would be great to be able to have the option of tilting the device instead of using the tilt buttons. Flawless

Pretty Good but... The controls are a little to would be easier in my opinion to tilt your device instead of buttons, but that's just my opinion. Overall great and fun game thx. Perfect

Max dirt bike This game is so addicting! The only thing I would change is I would call it max trials bike and I would have the guy riding a trials the whole time its more the style of riding in the game. But over all very fun and waight and gravity is realistic aswell Well done!!

Everything good except one thing, When I play about 5-6 levels it just gets stuck and i have to restart my tab. Plz fix this. I have Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 SM-T210. Great job

Awesome Thus game is so amaizing because my son loves it and because he loves it I love it. Im glad its not too real. :) Not bad

Needs a little help It's an ok game but i got stuck at blue 3 it's quite annoying trying to beat it when you have no rockets and another thing could you make it so u can take 2 bits not one other than that good game maybe i should have put 3 stars oops

Its fun until..... You get to those level that are impossible to beat. Great concept but it lacks a lot of thought and thus is poorly executed. This game needs major refinement before it will actually be worth playing past the first 3 levels. Enjoy it!

Only getting 3 stars because.. I can't exit out of the rocket screen. When my son plays and it pops up we have to just exit all the way out, which drives him nuts. Pushing the X doesn't work. Please fix this! Worth it!

So good game I liked this game but I downloaded it hardly and If it was 2%or3%it stop download I have downloaded it hardly but a fantastic game like this I will do any thing to download it Recommend

You should play this You should play it because it will blow your mind because it is so awesome I played it all night last night Muito bom!

Pretty good As you can see in it they could have put a tiny bit more effort in it but other than that it's pretty good Fabulous!

Bout time This was the first, and favorite game I ever played online, and now it's finally on android 5 star

This is probably the most addicting game I've played. There's an insane amount of ...! This is probably the most addicting game I've played. There's an insane amount of levels that increase in difficulty. I'd love to meet the person that beats this game. I find so many games on here not challanging or so difficult that they are not fun. This game is the perfect balance between challanging and fun.. Recommend to take Max Dirt Bike APK.

Very cool app the controls are tiny but after awhile you get used to them it's really good app I recommend it to any gamer I'm glad to get 5 stars Cool

#motorcycle-game Awesome Game! Good game I like the sounds that you put into the game from when I tested it and the new levels!

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