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This is awesome. When my phone had a problem it deleted all my apps.When i downloaded maxcraft again it remembered all of my's a little minecraft in your phone. You don't have to pay for the real minecraft since this is created Omg

I've had it before and i made a jacuzzi out of sea water and it made me turn all rainbow and it froze every now and again and once it got stuck on purple and slowly turned into yellow so I looked like SpongeBob and soon I looked like Patrick, Mr. Krabs. Oh and if u could add cats and skins because in minecraft there is dogs bunnies eg. So I would really appreciate food like tacos pizza eg. Thanks! Also keep on working on it a little bit. Bye! 5 star

I think that this is a great game to kill time but when I left a world i finished and played more worlds I made and came back to add stuff it was gone.. Is it ghost or did it not save properly Muito bom!

Can you please make the graphics & the screen bigger and be able to use teleport people and be able to use ultra plus make the stuff look more like Minecraft and make sure stuff is a break as fast and can you make it so we can change our skins Fantastic

Can you update edit world and can you put the animal in creative And can you put the hearth in Creations And I can eat in creative and there is cat dog bunny in creative and and it can also turn nightime and after 3 minute it turn daytime and I can sit By using sit botten and there is a plate I can put my food in the plate there is spoon and fork and the I can slice my food by using spoon and fork I can eat by using spoon and fork if you click eat botten and there is a swing in creative and I can change my costume and I can change my self boy and a girl and there is a picture of girl and chicken that lay eggs and i can sleep and there is a health food that tell us how hungry I am and there is a bucket that I can get water. And can you please put the lava very under ground and I can get it by using a bucket . and there is a glass so I can drink there is drink botten there is plenty of bottle juice and I can put the juice in the glass. And sometimes it will change the season. And we can see sun and moon. And I can laydown somewhere by using the laydown Botten. And there is vedgtable plant and fruit plant. And if people joined the world you may see there name on top of there head. And there Is a fish in the ocean. I can get the fish by using a big bucket I can put the fish in the aquarium. And I can.get fire by using my match I can put the fire every where what I what. And you can can turn off the fog or turn on the fog. If I brought food the animals will follow me.and I can blink and close my eyes and there is a drop your things gotten if it trow into the lava the things will be gone in creative. And there is a red fire fence and when you toch it you got hurt .and some colored sheep . the girl sheep will get birth and the baby sheep has different color also the animals heal app when I give them food . and dog and cat will follow you when you do something. Sheep ate weat. pig ate potato. Cow ate weat. Chicken ate corn. Cat ate fish . dog ate. Bone. Rabbit ate carrot. Horse ate weat. and I can. Eat pumpkin and turn this into pumpkin pie.and I can put a hanger in a for strait stick I can put my clothes there you can change your face it can be a boy or a girl. and I can put a fire by using flint And steel . All of those are In creative. So can you tell me when this game will be this game will be update please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Brilliant

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that this game is alright I guess. One issue is really bugging me because it makes it impossible to build anything. It is how you can't fly any higher than 2 blocks. If you actually CAN do this, please let me know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE please...... Just tell me if I'm wrong! Cool

This game is OK I guess, but it is IMPOSSIBLE TO FLY HIGHER THAN, LIKE, 2BLOCKS!!!! With this disability, it is sooooooo hard to build stuff. Stuff like on the pics above. DO NOT GET THIS GAME until it has updated with flying higher. pwease? Pretty good

Let me know price of some weight and work with you mean by this email and delete this message was just wondering what the hell is this is the one who explained to me too beta mujhe bacha to the one who has been checked for this only and only Mr the one who is there a time me know the status of your name and player is also best regards John and I have u on a responsible for Omg

It's fun but some things u can't place and i have no idea how to fly but somehow I just flew and now I can't get down to finish the den I was making for my mum so its really annoying Just wow

I think this game is awesome just one thing no one connects to me and I want to play with friends so could you create servers like in minecraft so I can play with people so I am not lonely but otherwise the game I think is the best! Fabulous!

I made a survival and then it turned all of my worlds including that one to creative and I wasted all that time getting the stuff and surviving for it to turn into creative can you please sort this issue out and plus I don't even know how to get it back to survival please fix it love it

I like it because there's no people creative mode but the water is a little deep and waveless can you please fix/edit it again then I will be satisfied. Works great

This Is The Best game ever. It has everything you ever need!! I just love the graphics and I can never stop playing it. Ever since I got this I wanted to try out everything, but this is the only game that suits my standards. Love it!! Fantastic

Its annoying . The controls are log. But its okay my friend can share me the pocket audition .So i can un install it by Useless application Must have

Not to bad but I cud mace it like mincrafyt (I am not. Bad speller I was just to lazy) Cool

It is like Minecraft but with little bad graphics but ok and it needs animal egg and a water bucked but it is a nice game if you don't want to buy Minecraft Pocket Edtion. You can get Max Craft for free!!! ️ Muito bom!

This is a good game but every now and then it will bug out and I could not find a way to make a sword. It was very laggy and difficult to kill the animals. Just for a tip... I think you should add a chat so we can use commands. Fabulous!

I think it's pretty good. One of the things that bothered me is that it's lonely. It's a small world and sometimes the block you pick don't look the same when you put it out. Great!

If you can't or don't want to pay for actual minecraft this is the best alternative. Trust me, all those other ones are garbage. Fantastic

I would give you a5 star review just that I would like it flat like mine craft and the items there are weird and and they don't match I go to online games but I don't find any is it they don't play or the connection can't reach far I love unlimited water or lava but there is no Works great

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