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This app was cool at the start but then I found that it does not has uninstall prevention like Hexalock has so any body who does not know your password can still uninstall it to access other apps☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️ Just wow

The ads are bothering me, can they be in the bottom?(or not that big in the middle), also some ads we need to press skip ( and the skip button is so small) Must have

Sometimes my phone completely turns off, a random ad pops up, or one of my other apps crash and not because of the app cover. Also, what happens if the intruder covers their face? Go well

It actually makes my phone run much faster , and saves me from many intruders. The intruder mugshot is most helpful to me Great!

This is the best app that you can lock your app and no one can get in your personal business and stuff and also you can hide it so it makes it say you can play or whatever you guys using has quit and you have to slide it after I left I think and also it's very amazing Go well

It helps me know if I have a virus on my phone or something going wrong and if my brother is or something trying to break into my phone like my contacts a picture of will be taken of them and I can know who tried to break into my things Recommend

It's amazing now no pervs or men or women won't read my messages or see my pictures or other stuff and it cools down your phone when it's hot this is the BEST APP EVER and it gives you more time on your phone and it cleans all the junk you have ITS THE BEST THING I EVER HAD I LOVE THIS APP SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR THIS APP Marvelous

It seems good, but unfortunately I found a bug. Whenever I use the disguise lock feature (main reason I download it the app) the phone's recent screen shows the app's screenshot that I'm trying to lock because of privacy reasons. So in a way it renders useless since it can't do the one task I need it for! UPDATE (5/Mar/2018) Developers answered my comment today. I raised the rating for this app because it shows they care about their users and they wish to improve their app. Also after using it for some time now I think the app has a lot of potential! Works great

This is a wonderful app. I got it to lock my kids out of the settings and apps on their android phone. The "fake message" feature works quite well; when a locked feature is accessed, a message comes up stating, "unfortunately, that feature has stopped" with an ok button. Looks like a legitimate message and prevents further access. However, I do have a concern and request for the developer. My son loves hacking and working around security settings. With a four digit password, he will likely keep trying until he gets through. Is it possible to set a number password with more digits, or better yet, allow the user to establish a lengthy alphabetic password? This would provide more security against a determined kid! Secondly, can you install something that after so many false tries at entering numeric passwords, the system will lock up to prevent further tries? Perhaps, it could be unlocked again by sending the user an email to reset it. I would appreciate your reply. Thanks again for such a good program! Good

Thanks for keeping my phone groovy, I'm sure one day if AI was in my hand instead of this smart phone that the user would appreciate the application, if everyone treated there cell nice why couldn't everyone have a cell with a personality designed by the user!! Food for thought Great!

Bro this app is so good I never have any viruses or noting and it cleans all my junk #downloadit love it

Bruh I love this app I can finally lock the apps I want without anybody messing with it and all the wonderful features added to it like if your phone is overheated it will cool down the phone or if you are low on memory Max applock has your back just clear the junk files and your phone is Flawless

The only word that I can think of to describe this app is EPIC! I was only expecting for an simple app locker, but got those awesome anti-virus thingy! Love it! Flawless

Its a bit much that you have to give up your personal information just to keep it concealed. I mean likebthats the main reason I downloaded this. What happens if the companybis harmed and my information is found out!!! They need to have it so that people can keep their information to their selves. love it

Now befor i get started 2 things. Note this app is not a toy or joke dont you think if someone is trying to get in your phone or apps they should imedetly be reported to the cops AKA 911 with the phones location. And two the app can be deleted from two areas 1 settings. 2 play store. I downloaded it shortly after my phone got a viris i tryed so many more apps but nothing worked and my phones vires pretection things dint work eather i got rid of it and looked for a for a way to sacure my apps but found so much more in this app however my phone found a viris so i used this to scan for the viris and it found nothing but must have blocked the thing from sending me fake viris stuff that was trying to plant a viris by downloading one so i found 2 pretection apps on my phone that came with my phone i dint know of one os 25 months out of date and one is the new vershin of the out dated one and the 3 apps dont fight they help eachother this being the 3ed and they get along. Note this app is not a toy or joke dont you think if someone is trying to get in your phone or apps they should imedetly be reported to the cops AKA 911 with the phones location Good

This app is the best with all the features to keep your private things PRIVATE! The intruder mugshot was the funniest. Perfect!

I actually love this it keep nosey people out my phone then it shows me when they try can't lie a wonderful app Amazing!

It works really great and the Antivirus and the Intruder Selfie portion of the app are great additions. I am proud to recommend this app to everyone. Recommend

Keeps interrupting me - trying to do stuff I don't want it to. No I don't need you to give me a pop up whenever I get a text or a call or im charging my phone. Uninstalled Fantastic

Very good. Protects my phone from intruders and cleans caches to free up available space. If you think intruders would just delete the app by Settings, just lock the Settings app and done. Good

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