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Nice app The lock button on the main screen is not working properly. Just fix the problem.Other than that it is a good app wow lol

It's fine! I'm certain like it, mostly bcoz it have enough space 2 take everything necessary. Pretty good

Lock button I've seen that the lock button is the main issue here. And I'm here to reaffirm that the lock button doesn't work. Could you fix that? Thanks! Enjoy it!

Best toucher theme but It needs to be more customizable.... instead of the shirt icon that shows the other themes it should have another area for favorite apps, then it would be perfect Just wow

Probably one of the best. It's simple, effective, and in my opinion just looks cool. What else can you ask for. Perfect

#home-screen-widget Great! It's a great theme. But the lock button (the one on main screen) does not work with Toucher Pro if original Toucher is not installed. Lock button in switches works fine. Would be nice to have this fixed. Saves one switch spot.

need more setting options! it should allow us to customize the first page (options of buttons & positions of buttons), eg. i dont need "lock screen" and "clear memory".. Recommend to download Matrix Toucher Theme GO APK.

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