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Fantastic app. Live streaming going excellent. Dono Why people are blaming the app.?!! Great!

I don't know what king of devices the complaining folks are using. Works great for me on iOS and Android. Both on 4g and Wi-Fi. Good

initial loading takes hell lot of time , sometime never load at all. freeze to stop occasionally. even in 4g and wifi. fix this big issue otherwise wanting app for all malayalies Awesome

Good Always with common people and issues don't like Asianet news. Better than Asianet News. Use it . Recommend

Best News Channel Ever !!!! Always with the ordinary people. This channel follows justice and truth. Thankyou Omg

Include recent program Vakra Drishti please Hello Dev..please include the latest program vakra drishti n the list. I can't find it...please. Thanks love it

No continuity in video News programme like prime time first video only playing no continuation on android app but in apple app it's working fine update the bug pls Cool

Simple and well organised .Great work Mathrubhumi. It would be great if there is a option for putting , comments I.e public opinion and views for each news topics. Worth a go!

Ok ok.. One of the main issue I noticed is long videos(combination of mulyiple video clips) like prime time news program stops playing after first video clip. Does anyone notice that? Works great

കാലത്ത് തൊട്ട് ഇത് പണി എടുക്കുന്നില്ലല്ലോ ചേട്ടാ... ഇന്ന് ശരി ആവോ.... Marvelous

Excellent Please start this app for windows platform because this needs to be the first malayalam news channel app for windows platform and they are requesting this.

Live tv wont play Despite of having 4g, the live tv takes time to load or never does, all the others are ok, even videos play well, pls fix the live tv issue

Nice app but need improvements You should provide a video download feature.Anyway it is a nice app.4G and first drive are my favourites.

Include recent program Vakra Budhi please Hello Dev..please include the latest program vakra budhi in the list. I can't find it...please. Thanks

A daily news partner Thanks a lot for offering one of the foremost news channels in Malayalam live , free and fluent. Best wishes team Mathrubhumi

Superb It is very good if we are uwing a good internet network. News updatew are very fast and there is also a live TV

Best Malayalam TV App. Best Malayalam TV App. Super video. Live is good. Need super prime update on same day and title by date and subject. Please give priority to latest news in menu by subject

Good....but can improve The video quality is very poor....And it takes a lot of time for loading even on wi fi network showing maximum range

Not working always advertisement Why this app is not working for past 2 days.this is the main day watching election result.Irresponsible....

Mathrubumi advertisement app Only ads play well... Is the news or some app to play adds??? What's happening.. One time ad is okay.. But this is like news are not playing but only ads play. Flawless

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