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Amazing game but why there is no other language like arabic please add arabic i can give some help with the language :( love it

I am so grateful for this app. My children loves learning maths and this app is making it so easy, thank you. Worth a go!

Please can you have an English UK accent option on your game as it's confusing my 4year old thank you big thumbs up for your game though Good

This game is awsom akai is learning so fast the other day he came over and said 6 + 5 =11 Go well

My daughter do math all day and never stops and loved this so much. Thank you so much!!!! Omg

My 3 year old daughter has grasped number and now loves this app more than her Dad ;) Worth it!

It is an amazing game and my daughter is loving it from the moment she started playing. I would highly recommend this game! Just wow

My son loves it and it has improved him in more ways than i can describe. Tks so much. Recommend

Super easy and it's a great platform for my kids to learn maths at a young age. Best part is there's no in-house ads to disrupt their learning so thank you!! Keep up the good work. Cool

I really like this game for my younger sister. I am glad there are still fun and educational games like this one. Nice work on this game Worth a go!

It's a good game teaches kids math but it's too boring I think you should make it a little fun Pretty good

Love the concept but my 5 year old (kindergartner) complains that it's too easy and boring. She is no math genius so I think it's designed for kids up to age 4. Cool

I got this for my litol brother and he loves the app he can go on it when he wantss to addition or subtraction Worth it!

Awesome app... My child love this game Good education game Thanks admin for make it this game Five star for you... Not bad

Thank you for installing this game because kids know that how to add ,subtraction and stuff Fabulous!

My little guy always enjoys rv studios' apps. This one is no different. I do wish the idea of subtraction was shown a little more clearly, though. Omg

It's engaging. Both my 5yr old in kindergarten and my 7yr old in 2nd grade can use it and learn n their own levels.... My kids love it we use it every night during homework time... Great app Works perfectly

Thanks for the education app all patents are looking for. Free, ad free and educational 5 star

This app is a fantastic math tool and keeps the child's attention. My 5 year old LOVES it! Thank you! Great job

The best learning apps for toddlers. All of RV AppStudios' Education apps are amazing. Flawless

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