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I do like this game Marvelous

Great game, please add choice for remove old friends that wasn't in game in next update, please please please. Amazing!

I love this game I just wish it was easier to beat the levels sometimes it takes me weeks to beat a level. I also wish we can delete friends on our friend list. Amazing!

Cool idea of story and match 3 combo. Looses stars for glitches, freezing, disappearing bonus items. Would suggest a skip button on the turtorial, this is like everyother match 3 game and its tiring not being able to just jump right into gaming. Pretty good

Addictive game, but some levels are poorly designed. Got myself stuck on a never-ending combo because of mirrors repeatedly falling a certain way. Should be a good thing but actually have to forfeit a life because it doesn't end Well done!!

Matchington Mansion is an awesomely addicting game, as well as it's great to pass the time by...if you enjoy "matching" games such as Homescapes; Gardenscapes; Candy Crush; etc, then you're bound to love this game as well!! Cute story line, Lots of challenging stages, & THE BEST PART you DON'T NEED wifi & you DON'T NEED to use your data in order to play this game (or the others mentioned) just BE SURE TO CONNECT & SYNC your FB or Google Play accounts to the game that way whatever progress you made offline WILL AUTOMATICALLY be synced and saved once you go back online. Try it out, I'm sure you'll love it too!! Marvelous

The game is good but I keep repeating some levels. I finished the current level and then the game crashed. I was supposed to have gone to the next level! I spend money on buying the things to do that level!! 5 star

Its a great game, very addictive. The only thing is that when you get to level 39, you get ads that pop up constantly like every 3 seconds. I reset my whole phone to get rid of the add because I didn't know where it came from then redownloaded this game. I had to start from level 1. When I got to level 39 again, the ads started popping up again. Omg

When I started playing this game I was having so much fun. Not only is it a matching game but it allows you to restore the mansion and the grounds. Unfortunately the higher the levels the more challenging which isn't that awful, it's the fact that it takes SO many lives which leads to days which takes away the fun. Omg

Its an okay, actually. Graphics are good, no ads which, I love that, and it passes time as well. Only problem I have is the fact there isn't a way to get stars besides playing the mini match 3 game and it's only 1 at a time.. Superb!

Downgrading my rating.and deleting....this game is a rip off. After nearly 200 levels and spending a boat load of real money on it, you pay 3 stars to light a stupid fireplace and 2 more stars to "read" by it. Then I have to renovate a rediculous lab that you cannot see properly while a whole mansion lies and waits for better days. Why not break away from similar games by giving the player the option of choosing which part of the house he wants to open up....??? Works perfectly

i enjoy playing this game. i would like to see different mini games. this gets kinda boring. would like to see some find items and mini puzzles with it..i am going to keep playing. Brilliant

It's entertaining but the "rewards" are cheap. It takes forever to get enough stars to do the simplest things! I would like it a lot more if you got more rewards and were able to get through all the ridiculous tasks in between decorating the mansion. Omg

App is addicting! Fun to play! Levels get difficult as you get higher. They should offer special coin purchase of 12,000 coins for $1. Since they take 500 every time to add 5 more moves! Would keep people playing more and they would have more purchases! That's how I'd rack in the bucks if it were my app! 5 star

I like this game but it's frustrating how it's hard to get stars and then they want you to waste them on things like giving the cat a bath... I want to decorate the house not do all the silly side things. Flawless

Great graphics and its not like any other game that just matches pattern but this one has a goal to make the mansion look good according to our own style.. I love it! Worth a go!

Fun game, interesting story line and lives refill faster than other games. I don't like that you have to use a booster as soon as you receive the free ones. Game only gives 3 and one has to be used right away. Need more coins faster too. Takes too many for extra moves and boosters. Change these and I'll give 5 stars. Superb!

Nice game. The game flow is not as good as Gardenscapes, but close. Right now I just wish I could log in to Facebook from the game, so I can ask friends for more lives. Perfect

Levels are very challenging...sometimes too challenging that it takes way too long too move ahead in the game, then when u finally do the task is reading a book for 2 stars, hence the 3 stars only. Wish they would concentrate on decorating only. Fabulous!

I love this game....except why does that girl get to choose what room she gets to stay in? kidding....very addictive want to get the house done....I'm OCD Brilliant

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