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Hate it. Whoever approves the maps is a retarded and should be fired. I have tried to submit multiple maps (all of which are completely child friendly) and every single one was unapproved. Worst app ever. love it

I like it but please fix it I have problems in this,When I download a Mod it crashes and says on my phone "Unfortunately,Mcpe master stop".........pls fix it I very like much of your mods.... Worth a go!

It's Great For Hacking Servers But Please Make It Compatible To Join And Hack Any Server Go well

Every time I try to play it crashes pls fix it.... Had given five stars once.... Omg

I love the game that I have downloaded the app and wanted to try it out so I got Minecraft with it Marvelous

This app just made my life wow lol

This is great for people who don't like searching the Internet for certain things for your Minecraft: Bedrock Edition worlds but one problem. The ModPE is a little bit messed up. Please improve. Awesome

Why my minecraft version din't work I know ay use this before Pls fix it and i delete my minecraft and i download a new version and when i play it just black screen and after that it just say's that its not responding and i try over and over again and that always happen i fill bad.... D: Fabulous!

When I tried to log in to Xbox Account I could press the button and it will make the clicking noise but will not actually log in to my Xbox account, will give 5 stars if you fix Well done!!

Unfortunately there was a new mcpe version So you wanna want to update just so you know Must have

Randomly, this app started to tell me it was logging in to Xbox. It would not sign in. It never logs me into Xbox and lets me play free. I uninstalled Xbox so it would stop, but it still did it. The app crashed twice because of this, and now I cant really play Minecraft because mine is APK and I need MCPE master in order to use it. I don't know if it's Xbox, or Minecraft, or this app. But if I could get some help, or maybe someone to fix this "bug", I would greatly appreciate it. Great job

Look pls make the controls better when you open the pick ace window in the game this app also lags the game pls fix both: new edit: ok there is a new update on mcpe the I think go check it out Well done!!

Ill give 5 star if you answer my question. You see i tried to complete a mission to obtain m-block and i did what it was said but after its done i checked it on master for minecraft but it gave me nothing. Then i uninstalled the app that my mission said to install should i wait for 1 hour to recieve my reward or it should be given after i completed the mission? Omg

New update and it still don't work. Click to go into Minecraft and all I get is a black screen wow lol

It's awesome but before the update it never stopped saying Signing into XBOX LIVE. Now it says Sign in and I click it but nothing happens. Please fix. Pretty good

Though i don't play minecraft often but then i'm suddenly hyped to play it on mcpe master and i love the 4D skins they are awesome Enjoy it!

Its cool but the enchantment for weapon swords and stuff its not working any more can you fix it thxxxx your the best Highly Recommend.

Can you fix a bug/glitch, when i enchanting my sword, it turns normal, fix it please! Version: Just wow

It's the best app for minecraft pe help.plz add build battle (Plz make for iPhone plz) Worth it!

I've used this app before, it was very helpful for my gameplay. But now, when is start playing, it just loads to accelerate. Then it either takes you back to the main page or takes you to your homescreen. Am I using it the wrong way? Am I the only one experiencing this problem? Send help please... Muito bom!

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