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Legendary classic back in the old Android iPod days. The game won't even start, keeps crashing. Must have

This game is rlly great and all, but the part that takes it away is the WiFi. Why does it need WiFi anyway? It's not an online game. It doesn't give daily gifts. Why can't we play it offline? Marvelous

Here's one thing I don't like about it though. When we complete a mission we can't get souls from it anymore. Could u change that. Also how come it requires wifi to play? It's not am online game so why can't we play it offline Must have

I played this game before but it dosent want to work it says unfortunately the game has stop and I'm using a ZTE Grand Max Works perfectly

I just really love this game but... Here's one thing I don't like about it though. When we complete a mission we can't get souls from it anymore. Could u change that Awesome

love it so muuuch Iv played this game for so long and j rlly love it,hope therr r more things towards the future Amazing!

I loved it I love love very very loved this game because goodgraphics and very good game play but only 1 problem i upgraded many times when i m in 12 level so please give me a clue to finish that level Omg

AWESOME Some stages are difficult. But by far this is my favorite mobile game! I love the dagger and a lot of the upgrades you can get. I'd like to see a sequel. Not bad

Mask What I like best for this game is the ongoing stages,action, and my favorite the difficulty level. I enjoy this game very much Recommend


Good Game Thus is a good game could use some minor improvements like the,changing of plains.... Amazing!

This game is really fun and has two different types of game play with some difficulty Go well

Best game ever There is a lot of games out there that suck but this game is the best game ever you collect mask power up plus make mask of ninja2 Great job

Amazing gaming!! Cool graphics! I love challenges and this game is a challenge! And the gameplay is unexpected!! Enjoy it!

Man The game is Outstanding and gives a lot of useful and great options to choose from and is very cool Fabulous!

I've played this game since I got my first tablet about 2 Christmases ago and I still love it! Amazing game!My data went corrupt and I had to start over but I don't mind.It's still a good game! Enjoy it!

Cool game reminds me alittle of the shinobi games and dragon ball when u power up ;)neat little game download it Cool

Heavy only The only thing i upgrade is the heavy attacks so i can just kill everyone without having to worry Good

Awesome game! Nice arcade game, bonuses, upgrades, fun levels. It's sure not easy though. Try it. Problem - needs internet connection.

Just like bleach hollow mask I love this game I have lots and lots of coins now but 1 thing can you put ads and you can get 50 souls please I am only 11 and I am in right now at 1 to something I don't rember bye.

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