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Their is a bug two customers are sitting in the same chair and without any order they are waiting.pls fix the bugs.Other wise this game was go good. I completed all the levels now i am playing again from starting in my new phone. Nice game i love it. Recommend

Good game. I really enjoyed this game. However i am disappointed as my progress in this game keeps on being deleted and i have to start from stage 1 all over again. This has occurred 3 times in a space of 2weeks. Can you please sort it out. Thank you. Good

Yeah acha game hai magar isme ik ke oper ik admi aa jata hai ik ko de dete hai per dosre ka samajh hi nahi ata hang ho jata hai Marvelous

Adds for supply is horrible,supply free game should have been there ,make it offline pls Great job

I completed northern delight 60 levels.... next I want to play southern delight but it is not opening why Please tell what should I do... I don't want to replay the levels please Pretty good

After supplying food for customer also he's staying and showing angry that's bad thing in game and everything is interesting wow lol

I have to format my phone and wen I re installed the went to level 1..It happened before and started playing again but can't do it again :( I reached level 29 of seafood..Plz help.I loved this game but it's useless to start again!! Works great

I mean... erm... Well its a great fun little time management game for kids... and I mean its great! But it needs a teeny of bit of improving like textures,uhhh... I know there will be some glitches so my as well fix those... But till then its a great game! love it

The Indochinese level has a lot of bugs that needs fixing a the earliest. Order of the customers wont appear but they will be so angry for not delivering. Also one customer will be overlapped by another and one of them will get angry as their order wouldnt show up. Please fix the bugs. Awesome

I love this game.This game was very interesting.There were many items to make. But the customers are not waiting much time.So, please make sure that the customers wait more time 5 star

I m a pakistani but I love playing this game it is a very good game before downloading this game I read all the reviews and you wrote that we will resolve all the issues but all the issues had not been done and I have one issue more that after winning the level why the supplies cut why ?? ( Plz resolve the issue ) Thank U!! Must have

Sir mene south cuisin 60 level cross kr diya h par coastal cuisin open hi ni hora plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me sir..plzzzzzzzz....plz batate me kya kru sir Great job

Hi I am kind of addicted to this game...well kind off because you only get limited game plays and on a working day it is not possible to play this game in more than one instance so if lives are over I only happen to come back to it the next day. Secondly indo Chinese cuisine did have a few bugs in the initial stages ..but didn't come across any in the further stages. Currently my only concern is if you are planning to add new cuisines because for me it will soon be over unless you have made the last of the stages impossible to get thru . Not bad

It is now not working properly and then I have no vegetables so please increase that of time and two customer are siting in one chair and one of them not ordering any thing and also we are ticking one thing means it is not working properly and our time also going please check this.This game is very very nice good.I love this game Go well

Game is good. Cant play Costal delight gets stuck while putting the crab to kadai station Works great

Very nice game..but it stopped working at coastal stage level 2 as it teaches how to cook a crab Works perfectly

Coastal delight has bugs . I passed the first stage. When playing the second level its being struck. 5 star

It is a very good game. The best part is the southern delight. And the holi hungama it's marvellous. My daughter has won all the gifts. She has scored 3 stars in all levels. I think that this is the best game. Thanks CYMPL for making this game. Also because it's is a less MB game storage is also there in mobile. So once again thanks to CYMPL Marvelous

I'm missing all the already played game's data again I have to play from the 1st level pls fix this problem... And always strucks Perfect

Nice game. Trying to gain extra coins by watching a video after finishing a level can be dangerous, though. Often times, the video doesn't play/finish, and you end up having to exit the game, losing your progress in the last round. Superb!

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