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عالی با کمی دقت در اخ تلاف آدرس عالیه Fantastic

It always opens with a screen insisting I install Auto for Android. If that went away, then I'd give it 5 stars. Fantastic

Too slow loading. Not enough information finding locations. Needs to apply street view on this app Works great

Liked the voice of GPS and the way it gives number of miles and time to a specific destination. Worth a go!

I searched Chahabar in Iran.But all the titles are given in Arabic language. why not you use English instead?I am an Indian,and I don't know Arabic. Brilliant

Being a former cartographer, I do understand the importance of maps, be it a geographical map, topographical map, road map, nautical map & all other various maps. They come in different kinds that cater to the various needs of map users & suffice it to say that maps are a useful tool to mankind. Not bad

Allows me to estimate walking distances, especially on off-road walking trails. The maps have a lot of details in attractive colours. We can also easily select different types of maps for driving, bicycling or walking. Fantastic

This app allows you to save time and money. I use it to maneuver through traffic jams and plan my meetings time appropriately. It's very fast and accurate ☺ Superb!

Total description about the whole route is very informative and helpful.available transportation including would be great. Superb!

Very good to find something that you need in few minutes,like restaurant,a church or a shop.exellet. Omg

Little more than just Maps, getting used to all the extras brings out the value, even if the home page is noisy. Great!

با تشکر فراوان از کارشناسان محترم برای تدوین این برنامه مفید و ارائه‌ رایگان آن برای استفاده عموم. عزیزی Good

بسیار خوب و کار آمد است گاش گویا هم بود Great job

It is a very useful app. with good markings of roads along with lot of information. Worth it!

خیلی کامله با آپشنهای مورد نیاز... عالیه. Not bad

Amazon App where you can have the best time with your family, and friendly and helpful for you to get all the best deals. You will find from E-mail [email protected] Amazing!

بسیار عالی/قبلا از maps me استفاده میکردم اما امکانات این خیلی بیشتره.البته maps me خیلی خوبه و من هر دو رو دارم Flawless

I found this app to be very useful it makes traveling so much more lax and enjoyable rate this 5****# love it

Works well, Google maps is better for finding a location but this app gives so many options Surprisingly

This app will show you navigation, directions and much more. I love ❤️ this app and this is the coolest app ever for maps +directions and many more. Cool

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