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The app has good sources and a lsrge library. I've never had to fool with the brightness, unlike with other apps. My only complaint is that the app gets rid of your home button and back button while reading. You have to click off screen then have to return to the chapters menu for it to reappear. Not bad

Super easy to use and has every manga that has ever been released. Is you can't find it in one site, it will definitely be there on the other. It would be even more awesome if they brought an offline feature Amazing!

I really love the app. So many titles to enjoy and it has simple UI. You may add some fancy features in future, like grouping the titles into genres so that easier for us to choose a story. Some Mangas are unavailable from any source (unbelievable isn't it?) and some are incomplete even on the description it's "completed" :( please fix it Flawless

Could you please put an indicator which chapter/s is new because they are some instances that there's more than 1 new chapter and hard to find the other chapter that are beyond the latest chapter. I understand that we can't download each chapter because of legal issue but please put an indicator. Thank you and keep up the good work Worth it!

I love this app. It's easier to use. Before I downloaded it , I would red most of my manga online , but thanks to this app , it's never been better . I would've given it a 5-star rating , but there's just one thing that bugs me , and it's that everytime i go somewhere with no Wi-Fi i can't read the that I have saved to favourites. But other than that this app is amazing . It's something I should of downloaded earlier. Well done!!

It lets you read manga and manhwa from different sites. If you search for one title and the pages say unavailable... just search for it under a different site and it's likely to be displayed. At least that's how it worked for me. This app may still have bugs but it works well regardless. Awesome

The application is really good and smooth. Their is a large bibliography in many languages. Even thought I dislike reading on my phone found myself enjoying reading on this app. I didn't gave it 5 stars because some mangas are lacking chapters but most of them are complete. I really recommend it to you if you're a manga fan. Good

Good but downloading option(which you have showen in your preview screen shots) is not available. And after every chapter when i slide left for next chapter it is a little slow. Not too slow but sometimes it irritates. Thats all. But a good app indeed. Marvelous

It really is a great app for manga. I love how it contains all genre. But the only iusse I run into is the search it would be easier if they set it up to search all of them instead of one at a time. When I am looking for a specific manga I have to look at all them individually. Also wish they told you if the manga is completed or ongoing then I wouldn't have to wait so long to figure it out. But other than that they do a good job. Worth it!

I have read only a few Mangas on website. This apps sure save you from a lot hustle while reading manga on a website. It has a very good way of showing advertisememts. Surely, I won't mind seeing a few more of this help to keep the website free ( never though I would ever say this! ) Great job

Plenty of sources, easy interface, and plenty of titles. Not all the titles I want are there, and some of the banners are missing, but most of them are fine. My one suggestion is to make lists show which chapters you've read. Just resuming from your last spot can be off if you reread chapters. Good

The app is great but I'm not sure I see the point if I cannot be alerted on new chapters? Would though this use case was pretty common. Too bad it's a deal breaker for me and I used to pay for manga storm on ios. [edit] OK the app does it! Nevermind 5 star

I love the layout of this app and they way its set up for reading where its one page being displayed at once which snaps into view as you swipe left or right. Its perfect. Only thing that bothers me is a couple books not available in this app. Besides that its fantastic and the best manga app I've used. Cool

The app is great but I'm not sure I see the point if I cannot be alerted on new chapters? Would though this use case was pretty common. Too bad it's a deal breaker for me and I used to pay for manga storm on ios. Superb!

It loads my Manga quickly and let's me bookmark favorites. The only thing it does differently from my last reader was that it doesn't do push notification; which is neither a pro nor con as I usually know when a new chapter is being released anyways. Must have

Quick and easy, there is more i wish that could be done, like collaborating a single manga or just using one version instead of having each websites version and maybe show if the manga is on-going or not. This minor stuff though so whatever. Muito bom!

This app is very great for manga fans. It updates the manga as soon as the chapters are released, and it has a huge variety. The only issue I have with it is every so often, when a chapter is updated, it will say that there aren't any pages available for the chapter. I'm not sure why, though, but overall, this is a really great app. Superb!

Used to use mango manga reader until it went down. I would give 5* if this app gets improvements. Would be nice if you can mark finished titles and they will go to the bottom of favorite folder or separate folder. Favorite folder is also very disorganized. Can't sort the manga. Must have

It's a really good app, easy to use and easily the second best manga app I've used so far. The reason it's not first is because it only has around 5 sources and apps like zingbox have like 10-12. But zingbox is annoying to use and you have to go through settings and find out how to change the source. This one is far easier to use imo and I've recommended it to all my animals club members. Their president loves to deliver. Worth it!

I would rate five stars. But quick suggestion, please make a confirmation dialog when unfavoriting. Also, when I scroll to previous page, it would be better if it is continuous (first page of thr chapter to last page of previous chapter). Other than that, minor bugs like chapter not loading. It's good, but there are lots of room for improvement. 5 star

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