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Pretty much my favourite app not %100 sure how to use it. I pretty much just use 1 source and come back every now and then to see if my favorites have updated. Edit . If the app could open in my recents or current reading books that would be great opening to sources all the time gets a bit annoying. Highly Recommend.

I love this app so much, fast, easy, free Manga on the go. However the only thing that kinda pisses me off is the mandatory update. You'd better write the name of your favorite Mangas down because it won't let you look at your favorites even after updating. 5 star

Not as good as the old version and It was really annoying that I had to update it. (Especially because I can't go onto the old version so that I can transfer all my books from that library to the new one) As well as the fact that there are now adds at the bottom of the page as apposed to the occasional add every few pages - that you could just scroll past without it bothering you. Though I do like the new download feature, this version is a disappointment compared to the old version. :( Great!

It's really good and I love it the magao are awsome and there's a wide variety. However, I am having trouble with the pages that don't load, and they say "this chapter doesn't have any pages" when it updates which is confusing. So please help fix that. But I really enjoy using this app and I don't want the delay in chapters make me delete it... Please fix this. :) Perfect!

The app has less manga sources but they are reliable ones. There are some issues like posting of old chapters recent example was for Days Manga where instead of 136 chapter they posted 36 chapter or many time so different manga chapter is posted in different one like 141 chapter of Boku No My Acadmeia is some other manga chapter Omg

A really great application for reading manga. It's useful and easily accessible. I really recommend this application if you don't mind the ads that slightly bothers you on the bottom of your screeb, I think that's the only con. I'd like to suggest that instead of a long period ad, please make it a "pop up" ad that pops every 10 minutes of reading. I think it would decrease the disturbance and annoyance coming from the ada. Overall, great app! Recommend

I would really love it if there were an option on how you manage your favorites. As of right now, I feel like I have favorite one manga twice and I checked twice just to see, found that I did it once. Lookung through my favorites, I see it all over the place; it's not in alphabetical. Just wow

Right now I'm changing my vote to a better vote. Since my last review a lot has changed, some bugs have been ironed out. This has turned outdone a great app, I highly recommend, and its easy to use, love it

Love the app. But the former one, just called manga, announced an update which turns out to be a new app, this one. Unfortunately it does not connect to the old app or account, so I cannot access my old bookmarks or favorites.... very frustrating. But overall a good manga reader with a very large selection. Not bad

It was great on the previous version coz the ads was only in random chapters now it's on the Buttom kinda disturbing.. :( Please do it, like it use to. Will rate 5 star if its back Great job

So, the last week or so, when I go to read a manga, it tells me that "there are no pages in this chapter" for every chapter, even the ones I've already read. Sometimes a page doesn't even load and I have to close the app several times while reading a chapter just to get a page to load. Is that a bug or is that a problem on my end? Flawless

I love this app! Marvelous

It's a great app that has a lot mangas from different reliable sources but I just updated it and it had more advertisements which keeps covering the screen. That's probably the most annoying feature of most apps. Worth a go!

The app is great. My only issue are the ads at the bottom of the page. I do not mind ads but it would be better if you inserted them between pages like they did for my other manga app alternative. Great!

this would be perfect if there's no black margin for every image. (like webtoon, the between image is connected) Edit to *1: forcefully to review and can't hide this forceful banner at bottom. Even after review it's still there. Good

This app is so easy to use. And there are so many mangas to choose from. The only thing that bothers me is that it is so hard to find it your phone restarts. Omg

I used to love this app but since the recent update they have ads and the bottom which I find really annoying. I was really fine with ads which used to show up after few pages but the ads at the bottom of the page I really really really hate it. I would like to request the app developer to remove the ads present at the bottom coz you won't be able to concentrate on the manga. Otherwise this app is pretty good. I would like the app developer to remove this feature of the apps showing up at the bottom of the screen. Enjoy it!

How to ruin a good app? Well easy, just insert an Ad at the bottom of the screen that covers part of the content you are trying to read. While you are busy ruining the user experience, I will go and find another app like yours. About the ads, I understand you want to make money, but ruining the user experience is a fast way to lose customers. Just put the ads in between the pages rather than over them. Fabulous!

I loved this app so much. I can find every manga and the quality is really great. I wouldve given it a 5 star but lately, they updated the app so that there's an add that covers a fifth of the whole screen. It ruins the manga and is making it unenjoyable. Please remove it and i'll give it a full 5 star Fantastic

I wish there were more sites this program could import from and I understand there was a delay from an upload on the site to the app. Sometimes, however, this process takes days. Still, this is the closest to the one I had been using which stopped receiving updates all together. Unfortunately, I cannot make a complete list of my manga so I still have the other app to keep track of the ones missing from the list on here. The biggest pro: it is quite easy to search. I found a lot of manga I had forgotten I had read while setting up my favorites page for the first time. Recommend

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