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This app is great, it's a real time killer if I'm busy or waiting for something, this takes my mind off a lot and when I'm stressed it real takes the heat off my shoulders, but I'd like better control of being able to place colors in the correct spot where I want it because it makes me very frustrated, other than that it's amazing Great!

This game is the best I always play it in the car and when I come back from school I will never delete this game cuz it's the best I'm almost done with all of the drawings but when I'm done doing them all im going to unlock all the ones that are locked and then when I do all of those then I am going to download another one and imma keep on doing what I just did so yeah I love this game I wish I could tell you but just some person Surprisingly

This game is so lit and fun every single day I come back from school I play this game.I wish that everything could be unlocked♥️ Perfect!

I love this game but I keep thinking that it should automatically save because I kept switching the apps going back to this and i have to restart so if there is a way you can do that I will give a 5 star Must have

Amazing app. The only thing wrong with this app is you will get caught into it and loss. time. Cool

It's unfortunate that we cannot share our finished art with other users of this app. Bring some competitiveness to the game. Everyone could vote on their favorites... most popular coloring to have their pages posted publicly... Great way to advertise Mandala Coloring Book! Highly Recommend.

I think you should put better drolings but I like it. There is another problem the drolings there take too long.Thank you for your time Perfect!

This is so much easier than the posters I love to do. I can carry it around in my purse and color when I have some down time. Kudos to the devs! Flawless

I really enjoy Color Mandala. Once you begin coloring it is difficult to stop. To do only one picture is almost impossible. Also, there are so many in each category to choose from. I give a Big thumbs up! Omg

Its really fun. The only thing I don't like is that not everything is free. If you change this, I will happily give you 5 stars. Brilliant

Pretty cool but please can you make all the pictures unlocked coz those pics look siper cool so please make it unlocked or you could also make us watch a add or something abd unlocked those pics and this game is super cool and relaxing and kinda fun too .... Highly Recommend.

I think that there should be less locked things because some people ,ight want to pay like me. But it is a nice app it just needs more improvements. And more pictures Just wow

Love it. Great selection. I wish there could be a bigger selection, for both locked and unlocked, in all areas of Mandelas. Also I've noticed that there are very small pieces of white where borders connect that can't be filled with any utensils or fingers, NO MATTER HOW BIG YOU MAKE IT. Other than those couple minor things, it is a nice way to unwind at the end of the day. Good

Awesome and easy game to play with your families and friend you should definitely get this game is so fun and even when your bored in the summer anything you can color flowers and animals and everything Well done!!

I really love to draw and this gives me a way to do so without needing a pencil/crayons/markers and paper! Worth a go!

It's very good thank you for your business and leisure travelers who is a good day to get the latest in a while back to the bathroom 7 I am going to report that the best of luck to everyone who is the first Good

I wish not so many were locked but all in all it's a wonderful app and I use it all the time. Ads suck but what can you do Worth it!

This game is awesome it makes time pass so fast. I don't love to color ,but this is so much fun! Enjoy it!

I can color different things and l get to choose the colors that I want but some paintings you need to buy Highly Recommend.

Can't seem to put it down! Art work is great. Beautiful choices to pick from!!! Absolutely time consuming which is great. Love it! Love it! Not bad

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