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I love this game beca it is very nice game , Good

All the scenes are unlocked but why the socks sandals and t-shirt are locked i had this thing plz plz unlock them but it is too late now i am uninstalling this so sorry Great job

Well people, this game is like any coco play...But I absolutely love it!Especially when they fight over sales . but there are way to crapy videos love it

I love it just.... LIKE IN EEVEEERY GAME they want you to pay or buy things and we Do not haveeee moneyy Must have

It's really good. But if more things r unlocked it will be better. Please unlock some more things. Perfect!

Loved it but please try to make things for free otherwise there is no point in playing the game 5 star

This game is better than other Coco games. You can Unlock all things by watching a video. I like and enjoy this game while playing. Works perfectly

I love it though so awesome dresses to choose from Kathy one thing which you should choose and the make a programming I love it if you make this game and add a little Nail Salon and some Spa you could get a better rating from me thanks bye bye make a game like this one Great!

I live this game a lot because it doesn't have much ads ads in the game and plus I win every single fashion show and last item fight. This is the best game I have ever played in my life. Worth it!

I love this game so much i love the graphics and everything and i love the controls Good

To be honest i am loving this game like i just dowload it and its the best game i've ever played before. Eeeeeeee am exited, hope people can make some good game like this one and also who ever made this app, you are on fire. I ❤❤ Works perfectly

The game is fun, but so many ads I can't barely play it. I like the concept and the graphics, but when I try to click my likes or green arrows the controls are limited. Needs work but it is a good game. Must have

Well people, this game is like any coco play... But I absolutely love it! Especially when they fight over sales. But there are way too many crapy videos. Just so you no, it sais my name is Rachle, but my real name is JADE. Also on the game, I changed my name to Avery. Anyway, I like it, but the controls are wacky. So people who made the game, please take some of that extra stuff... is it just me, or does everybody hate that? well, the games good. Great!

I really loved this game . Each and every thing in this game is just perfect I really really loved it. I would give you 100/100 marks or I can give more than that also . So I request you to please please download this game and I am sure you will also become a fan of this game as I have became Go well

I love the game very much .... Coco games are my favourite . But there is one problem of too much ads. But I am rating it five stars because the game is very close to my heart. Muito bom!

Super se uper se uper game. Superb!

Can't say anything bad about cocoplay because,, the inventer of this is amazing... i salute to that person..... from where did get these ideas......? Awesome

I love this game because of all the sales and you can dressup and the the graphics is very realistic Fantastic

I love the game but can you put some new stores and clothes in for the next update Works great

This game is soooooo munch fun omg for my second time i won its the best game ever love it

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