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I love it is really fun and I enjoy it a lot the person who made this game should be really proud Worth it!

It's awesome game but too many ads were there and some of parts were lock pls make them also unlock Enjoy it!

Very nice and excellent game and next time make u the more than interesting games and moreeee game OK Superb!

It's the expanse that I never got because we don't have Black Friday shopping with my family experience Flawless

I think this game is so great the controls are wonderful the graphics and overall this game gives me 1,000 likes and I have literally no other words for it Omg

This is good game it's personality is that we have to go in contest and then computer choose anyone who is best Great job

This game is very interesting. The thing I liked the most in this game is fighting in the sale and going in contest and be the winner. Highly Recommend.

Its really cool but way too many ads if it had no ads at all it would be hella litt Great!

This is nice game I like games but Barbies games are amazing and Coco games are also amazing thank you for giving us this Black Friday bye Awesome

This game is very much amazing and good game also please download this game guys Go well

I saw my favorite youtuber ZaiLetsPlay play this game.She inspired me to play this.Thank you Zai and CiCo!!! :-) :-) Amazing!

It is very interesting game .I love this game so much.Please install this game a lot.Its controlled is also very good.It is excellent game. Good

I loved it. But so many item's are locked so I can't use all item's that I want to use. Omg

Best one so far... have several games. Sucks I had to pay for the full packages tho, at least make it a little easier for the ones who can't...and the only thing I think is missing is..a Nail Salon....MORE OUTFITS...and we should be able to watch others runway clips and judge those....AND WHAT'S WITH THE BAG ON THE CATWALK, WHY NOT A PURSE OR SOMETHING TO THAT AFFECT TYPE STORE TOO... Muito bom!

I love this game my favorite part of the game was that you get to pick one item on sale and then you have to press the green button to get the item not the other person so you could go to the fashion shows yoyrself Great!

You know all the things are unlocked but I'n mall girl allare locked love you please do more such games like this Well done!!

Beca bOne of the best game for me and the people who don't like this game they all were not take this game seriously. And at the end want to say that just play this game at the end because I will play this game till at the end this game is too good Perfect

well .......this game is a bit boring but ya I am amazed I played it for 2 hours but also a bit boring Highly Recommend.

The game is nice but you can unlock some mor things and adds just pop in the middle of the game Surprisingly

There are only 2 problems: 1- please make everything free, it's my humble request!!!! Worth a go!

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