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It is really a very nice It is amazing, Mindblowing, fantastic, outstanding, excellent, fabulous and epic Cool

This game is so cool and it is so fun I am a nine-year-old and I love it it is so cool so so so cool I hope more people try to play play it I really hope y'all play some more people play it come on people you don't need play this game it's really cool people play the games I'm sassy I know Just wow

I think this game is beautiful But I don't like how it's made because all of the shirts and shoes are Locked Enjoy it!

Gosh. Just.... too perfect. It's almost like a rich girl's real life. Just shop and compete against some other people. Coco play is my fav game app... thing. Whatever you call it. But.. it has so much adds. Excluding the get for free things. Still, five stars! Highly recomended. Thank you. Well done!!

It too good so please go and just hit the install button. BEST GME EVER PLAYED AFTER COC Go well

I give four stars bcz this game is very nice but only problem is that the many beautiful thing are locked Awesome

Mere ye nhi smjh me aa rha ki contest k Alava aur kuch kyo nhi khulta pls koi bta de Amazing!

I like this game but one of the problem is that there are too many ads the second one is that every thing is locked so I would only give it a three stars so I'm not happy but thanks for making this game Omg

I really like this game but when u go onto the contest part and vote for others they ask for your opinion and when u pick the outfit u like the most the saying that your opinion is wrong but other then that the game is good Perfect!

The problem is that the game has to many things to buy it's horrible! Change it so u don't have to pay - 5 stars x wow lol

It's really good to be honest prob one of my fav games EVER but you need to stop putting it we're you wait an hour to get the love or thing again Flawless

Every one shops get the game it is cooler the dress up for your dolls but cool for little ones like and I hate 3 things you must let us watch veils to unlock shoes and stuff sorry someone like my sister she like dressing up dolls Awesome

This was gud game but in this game there are too much adds which make the game boring and want to stop this game immediately this is from my views do not so upset okk........ By the way this game is fantastic the dress are too gud the hair style are also gud love this game..........❤️❤️ 5 star

Love it there is no other better game then this best game because you can show off and buy thing only one problem is that you must buy e everything Great!

I think anyone would play this games it is so amazing,especially the clothes,they are so awesome!!! I can't believe it its like it is the perfect game for me Muito bom!

I think the game was okay but there was some parts that I was mad about like taping the buttons Fabulous!

It's amazing you need to keep doing more updates for it to get better and better Go well

It's a bit fun because, there is a last teem fight but when you and the the her person do it to Mach hard then it's sold out because you Brock it .but it's fun! Not bad

This is the best coco game for me. By seeing ads I can unlock everything.there are many nice dresses also. So,for me it is the best. Please make all coco games like this. I mean , by seeing ads if we can unlock everything or something's. This is my request to you. And l really like this game. Thank you. Works perfectly

I loooooooove this game for real guys keep it up buuuuuuuttt in your next update all those things that need Internet to work should be unlocked without Internet and also add new dresses and so on and add mini games. Thanks please reply back Pretty good

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