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This game is sooo nice but toooo many ads are coming but we control the ads rich girl sooo beautiful and her dress is also beautiful this game is sooo cool I have ever played Pretty good

I love this game so much it is just to look video and we can unlocked it the thing is it need the wifi or mobile data to unlocked the lock Brilliant

It was pretty awesome.. Cocoplay I just love ur games but I've one problem, that good dresses r ALWAYS unlocked or maybe 3/4 of good dresses r unlocked. All right I accept it's no big deal but ADDS!! They drive me crazy, siriusly(I really mean it to be "sirius"ly) it does. Pls remove so many adds. I m really tired. I m writting a long review so that you can understand more, n help me out.N I hope you do fix it soon. Thank u very much, n hope you keep making brilliant games like this!! Brilliant

Luv the game Great job

I really love it ❤ Not bad

It's the best game I have ever played..... Nothing is locked except a few....... And you can mostly buy things..... There are different shops like one for parties one for free style one for gowns..... There are two or three makeup shops there is a hair salon a jewellery shop..... I think every one should try this game at least for once.......and this is the best game of the coco games so I think try it for once...... Works great

So much fun! I literally wake up in the morning and play this game! Marvelous

This game I awesome all coco games are so awesome on my phone I have all coco games now I tell every body to download this game it is so cool but there is only some thing very bad In all coco games too many things are locked so plz try to less in that and coco no need to get money from people to open for them things it must be from your heart Perfect

This game is awesome. Only one little problem that we cannot get everything for free. But this game is just aaaaawwweesomme. Pretty good

It is a good game but I still gave 3stars⭐️ because most of the counters or things unlocked and they never open also otherwise game is very good just please open the unlocked materials Please please 5 star

Love it! It's funny how you slap down the bag pieces to the ground when I rips and nothings in there Fabulous!

I love it!! The only thing is that I lost all my money and EVERYTHING is loads of money!!! I was in first place when I started!!! Its crazy!! Coco is my favorite app! Awesome

This game has improved and now is nice but have a request please why made shoes locked and hair colour is also locked this thing is not nice earlier we had many options but now very less wow lol

Great game! I think it's stupid that everyone is pitching fits because of ads. It takes time and money to develop these games so either buy it or quit bitching. But overall I enjoy the game, I find it relaxing and it allows for unlimited creativity. I would like more clothes, accessories and make up added. One fun thing to add to the game would be hats. Thanks. Muito bom!

Best game in coco by tab tale. It's very nice. Those who say this game is boring are really no type of judging this game. I think it should be rated 5.5. Thanks for this awesome game Perfect

This game is super the only thing is there are to many adds. All has to be unlocked. I object to the compony of coco play to make things a little more free. Works great

This game is fun and kills time also very addictive. Only thing is mostly everything is locked Well done!!

The game is attracting. Once I play in want to keep on playing. I have a complaint against the controls it is a little slow. This time I am giving 5 stars but next time it will be 2 Flawless

O my goodness this is just the best game I've ever played and l am never going to uninstall it l am just so addicted to this game because l can never stop thinking about it and l recommend this game to everyone around the world and whoever made this game never ever delete it because it is absolutely my favorite game and so addicting and l give everything five hearts! Must have

I love this game. But there is one problem not every thing is free. PLEASE MAKE EVERYTHING FREE! Just wow

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