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This game gets boring real fast you have to pay for everything you don't keep the items you pay for you don't earn enough to keep up all the ads that's being watched should be able to get something for free. Omg

I loved this game and i can give 5 stars for it if it wasn't for the too many ads on it.its irritating when you enjoying the game but some ads just came pop out and interrupting while you enjoying it... please do something about that..I really enjoyed and love this game... Perfect!

I love this game and its soo adictive! However, there are just soo many ads. Plz fix this. Apart from that, the game is really good! wow lol

O I love this game extremely. It is the most wonderful and amazing game I have ever played. And nothing to say about it. Ha ha.... Excellent job Superb!

It is a very nice game and interesting also . This game has very less ads . I think you should download it . Coco's all games are great . But I gave it four stars because the day I opened it it gave me an option to watch a video and unlock tops , shoes and all . But I didn't watched the video . The next day it did not give me an option to watch the video and unlock the locked ones . Surprisingly

According to me after playing this game for a long time it becomes boring If something will be added more to it that would be great. Other than this very nice game. Flawless

Its an suberp game and i like to play it but one thing should be improved that whenever there is a sale the time limit of it should be increased the reason is that maybe some one will be playing the contest and the sale advertise will come but they cant go and when they come to that store the sale is finished. but its really nice game and girls would love it but they show so much ads.this should be its a lovely game and organizations of the game are awesome Great job

The only thing I don't like about the game is when your fighting the girls the button when u click it it just goes down even if u click it Not bad

It's awesome .first Coco game I liked the most but please don't give so many advertisements . please unlock shoes socks and shirts .I don't like watching adds for them wow lol

It's nice game......I liked it very much.....But please make all free... It's my kind request.its very serious game..Anyway I loved it .Thanks coco games for giving a nice game like this.continue this ...... Just wow

I love love love it but I Cnt unlock anything. when I turn on my cellular data to unlock them, it freezes Fabulous!

I really....... LOVE Coco Play games!! I have two bad things that I have to say about this, first, there is SOOOOOOOOOO (Too) many Ads! Two, for Coco Play games, you always have to buy the full version to get all the cool stuff and it's always expensive Brilliant

This game is so much fun such good quality and I have not had to pay for anything with real money only the money you get from the contests you do in the contests.The only thing I don't like is the ads there are so many it bothers me. Recommend

It is a wonderful game,nothing is locked and there are so many malls and it is the best shopping game I ever played!! And other games are so stupid.but it too perfect Good

I just love this game it's amazing. if you are a girl then you should play this game and i am definitely sure you will also like this. In this game they have amazing clothing so I loved it a lot☺ love it

So many ads like wow this game gets boring to quit and the part where ya tap on the screen is laggy idk Great job

This game is perfect and I liked it's idea.but I don't like that it is a little bit hard to control but it's okay I can handle it Omg

It's a very good game buuuuttt it shows many adds. I want to change the the doll . Mine is Kate. Llllllloooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeeeedddddddd this game Must have

It is nice it can be more better with giving spa option and any another option Awesome

I thought it was, okkk but whenever i gave a character a hair style it goes cray cray black and white and resets, a lil' triggering, but before this started happening it was fine, :p Perfect!

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