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Works well met some interesting Ladies (I think...) Seems none can video chat to prove they're not catfish, unless of course you send them a card or money... Marvelous

I think is OK for now ,I just downloaded the app,am still watching to see how good it is.for now is better than some app. Great job

Cool but very costly Not everyone has the means of payment But everyone wants to find love try to break it down If people could pay through mobile money Highly Recommend.

Watch out For what photos u upload. My basic selfies were blocked & they will block ur account is they block to many Cool

I do enjoy it so much. Even thogh most women are so ignorant. I do have friends from USA and Ghana Recommend

so far this dating apps getting better and better now! keep up the good work thumbs up and more power :) Cool

I've not done much but I think it is a cool app. Yet to update my status and see how it goes. Buh I like it... it's really cool. wow lol

I think it's good app and I like it but I wish they allow us to search every location to meet new people as well Marvelous

It's a wonderful app I've been looking forward to being in a app Like this and finally I've got MAMBA Works perfectly

You should add theoption to view a profile before you like or dislike the picture in encounters Worth a go!

It is a nice and affordable application. Was developed as an enhanced version of Wamba and based on love Ru. Simple to use though it has one disadvantage. If someone like you with an account from different country, then you don't get the chance to like him or her back, simply as they don't show up in your encounter. In encounter you have to choose a specific country let us say for example Germany but someone from Russia is visiting Germany and liked your profile, you want be able to like him or her back unless you change you change your encounter to Russia. Which seems inconvenient. Better to solve this issue. Another feature that I would love to see is photos verification to reduce spam and scams. Well done!!

You need to improve on your subscriptions, the are expensive. Yo do a great job and I may say you app is super but drop the rates abit and also accept to update with lipa na mpesa Great job

It won't let me upload my pictures and they say it's uploaded but I can't see it Great job

It's a good app to meet with nice people. There are people who are looking for sex. It would be better if you design a special section for it so that people looking for serious partners can find each other easier. Cool

very good app, u will make new friends here but daily limited message. i love it Worth it!

Hi when I open the application it's opened normally , but when I press any option it says the application is blocked in this country I asked my friends which they using mamba in them mobile phones with the same software ( android) its working normally without any issues and I can open it though my iPad but not from my phone and the application not blocked in UAE . I tried to sent to the support team but it gives error Could you help please Works perfectly

I'm new but i like what I see so far when I use a few weeks I'll come a rate better but tumbs up... Worth it!

חסר כמה אופציות בגרסה של נייד שקיימות בגרסת מחשב Go well

Охуевшее приложение ни дать,ни взять прям. Кпд в соотношении посмотрел на фото и не отпрыгнул в ужасе от экрана,где то 1 к 15 что этого делать не придется. Что как бы намекает Worth a go!

''It's a usefull App for me I like it easy to use and meet Russians...exactly what im looking for...not boring easy to chat inbox, Great job

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