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This App was very good but now is getting more and more in money and some services are not for free anymore. Dear Mamba you have to be careful because other tools could change the preferences of the users love it

Is somehow good but things should be normal and moderate. You people need money than the app Brilliant

Просьба обратить внимание Почему у меня приложение отображается латиницей? Где поменять на кириллицу? Amazing!

Love it Its a nice app and anyone can meet his love one here and have a better partner and married life Fantastic

Дизайн в последней версии весьма хорош Еще убрать обновление анкет прямо на экране, и вообще хорошо будет Just wow

Consistently flawed After almost a decade the search function is still buggy, the entering new country notification is useless. Frequently searched cities are never suggested so you have to drill down by country and it takes forever. You cannot remove people from favorites list you can only "ignore" them which just blocks them - really stupid!! It is hard to believe Russian programmers are behind this consistently flawed app. Must have

Nice Have some bugs but it's working fine . The old one was working more good and looking more beautiful than this one . Awesome

Wants my phone number after new update Asks for my phone number after update says it won't take money and it's to tackle spam can't login as phone number is mandatory required oh well good job my membership is not lol more reson to get targeted advertising nothing to do with spam will no longer use now Go well

Very nice but This app not sending verification code at login time. And working slow. What can I do? Recommend

Amazing Единственная проблема что меняется язык интерфейса, который ты выбираешь Cool

Good app It's a fun app were u meet wonderful people, I love this app I recommend it to people who are trying to find kind people Surprisingly

Its Really Annoying Fix It It's really annoying. I use to have an account which was working very well, then last week they just told me I have been blocked and they didn't give me any chance to get my account back... I recreated again and they are asking for real status so I should put add my phone number. I have been putting in my phone number for the pass 3 days and they don't send me any code. What's wrong fix it as soon as possible because I have lot of friends to catch up with . Fantastic

Not bad. I wanted to give a better rating BUT became slow after the last update. I use Galaxy S7 on fast WiFi. Surprisingly

Seach feature still broken The app itself is simple to use unfortunately the search feature is still broken even after update I noticed it will only work if I'm connected to wifi networks! Strange? Great job

It is good application, but i have problem with activation code.. i didn't receive it... i waited more than 24 hours. Not bad

Can't activate my account Please help me! I wrote my mobile number and waited a lot but no code message sent till now :( can't communicate with any one :( Cool

Hey I'm having trouble updating this app.yes I have Wi-Fi phone provider is metro pcs so I dnt know Go well

Когда уже? Всё хорошо, приложение постепенно улучшается. Но когда уже можно будет «подмигивать» через него? Не хватает этой функции. Great job

Security much better after update but issue with search results Security much better only one major issue is nobody shows up on the people search in app,saying no users found in search results will keep trying but no problem with search in laptop fix this one issue and ill give 5 stars Brilliant

Like the new ui very clear to navigate Unfortunately the app force closes everytime I leave the seach pages , fix that for 5 stars and the app will be perfect Perfect

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