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Suggestion to the devs.. Would be nice if i could see the people that visit or message me from the app rather than gettting constant email notifications! Cheers Recommend

It's great but there is need to reduce access fee for people to be convient in paying for it wow lol

Приложение просто ужасно тупит... Раньше было намногр намного все быстрей и лучше, но с каждым обновлением впечатление что только картинка лучше, а все остальное ужасно тупит... Not bad

It's a very nice and user friendly interface. I love the app but it's saying I can't msg if I don't take VIP status. Why is that? Works great

I signed up on mamba a few weeks ago I met someone and a few day later mamba tell me I'm a spam a scammer and I'm sending indecent words to people I use Instagram Facebook tagged badoo ooVoo an gtd this never happened to me until I used this app I'm not a scammer I'm not what they think I'm Jamaican and I don't hide cause I don't lie I want my old account back I met someone on mamba and mamba deleted my account because of what they think I am and the real scammers are on now having a good time tricking I need my old account mamba you have my IP give me back my old account Perfect!

I would suggest to make every one put the original photos of themselves and should be minimum 3 photos. Because. most of the people put fake photos and it is so unpleasant. When you chat for days and then you know about that this is not the person whom I talked with . It is very sad and unfair. So I ask the in charge of the site to think about and make better changes . Thank you. Fabulous!

Pretty great app with options of sending media files and easy to use. Having a problem to add pbone number to my account. Flawless

It's a fantastic app but if I understand Russian language oh my gosh maybe lucky and meet beautiful Russian girl and be my love Fabulous!

It hard to contact that they are visiting m profile and why we have to pay for everything 5 star

This Apps world number 1 fake Scam , Only paid Version ..Please friends don't Download .. Flawless

I really like the app. For those who are patient they can really meet someone good here. You can write still 10 new girl for fee every. Of course it will be better if we can have more than 10. And most people in this site are russian speakers. That is the only thing i do not understand. There is fake profile also for girls that create it to steal money from men so be careful. But the app i like it. Worth it!

This app Is not perfect at all my account was block for no reason they said I should write support but the box provide to send your complain will not allow you to send the complain. Marvelous

Well, am new on Mamba but I think the app is cool, still getting used to the features but I love it so far Marvelous

This app is dope, I love it! Guyz you don't wanna be left out of this, just install it. Worth a go!

If you like fake profiles and women wanting your money after a couple of messages then this app is for you. Enjoy it!

I like the APS but am finding it difficult to add up friends why is it's like that, I cannot adds any friends even from my region please try and do something about it so I can add friends from some any region thanks. Donald. Must have

Great way to meet new people for anything from friendship to finding a life partner Works great

It's good, But you can't join for chat without any cards that's it. And no one is online love it

Is a very nice and good but make it more easy can u people do it call and video call Worth it!

I love it Spend the time to fulfill all his transgressions So plz slect your real partner forever. Fantastic

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