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Nice app. You are able to meet almost everyone but just don't forget where you are (I mean don't be surprised if some weirdo messages you;) ) Brilliant

The app is more than amazing...... just that it's network intensive. Great job "Mamba developers". Try and look into the network issue! 5 star

Good site but be careful as usual... also given all the information we provide...this site should enhance his search tools....little hiccups like can't select any country or cannot add other criteria while searching by interest... those improvements would be very beneficial for VIP serious seekers. Surprisingly

Some in-app notifications don't lead to the profile of user mentioned in the notification, which can be mildly annoying. Email notification contains link to user which works great, though. Works perfectly

I think there should exist a more direct approach between users without those ridiculous restrictions Omg

It says that i dont have internet connection but i have it. I cab view the messages but cant reply due to the pop up message about server problem or connection. Fantastic

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Such a great App but why the hell did you locked the text in the profiles so that it cant be copied to translator? Brilliant

Why it's not letting me sending a message saying I need to get the VIP status. When I'll be able to send messages? Good

Just installed this app...omg those fake people are every where...i asked them for video call they don't like meaning they are fake... Amazing!

Amazing like a magic to found ingle like me! So what are waiting for that' app is the best for us .we love we love haha. Worth it!

With more girls but most of them not serious and who want money who want drink alcohol .. that it's it .... But fainaly I met with Ukrainian girl we going to meet each other and hope to going to make serious family ... By mamba ... Thanks Mamba ... Omg

I tried logging in and got a message that my IP address has been blocked. I haven't done anything wrong so I don't know why I was blocked, kindly look into my case and help unblock me. Thanks Good

Haven't met anyone in my region yet. I have sent out a few messages but no one has responded....Yet Flawless

I feel so good to be a member to this dating site, I believe my partner is here awaiting!! love it

This app is also not free to chat with other countries.. that's a really stupid thing. Go well

добавьте в настройках белый фон! очень устают глаза от черного цвета! Fantastic

Hi mamba app, it is a good app I love it , but you have to make it free like skout so more people will be interested in it , and day by day your app will progress like Facebook, and became the most useful and important app of the world, please make it free , no need to ask for coins and no need to buy vip mood . this app should be free from every kind of fees.... Good

Mamba has come a long way and pretty much the best dating app right now. After OkCupid made the shocking decision to remove visitors, mamba is now the best app with the most functions. I only wish there were more english speaking users Pretty good

good but chat messages without timestamp and without export somewhere else for memories Must have

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