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I m fall in love with this app. Really Makeup plus is bestest app I have ever seen. Realistic makeup and proper editing face. Fabulous!

Ar glam is greatIt is nice app but when we put hair dye on our hair it looks very bad but it is aa good aap Great job

I don't like the new version. Tge older one is very good. IN the new version I don't even have AR please get Ar glam back in new version Pretty good

Like old app there must be a mild makeup option in thise nee app makeup looks too funky so you should take care of that Worth a go!

I like makeup plus a lot it a good app and it does not have any add some a apps have add.any way I like this app Enjoy it!

I like this app we can do any type of editing in it any colour but still colours should be . Cool

Hands down the most amazing app ever. Really helpful to add extra touches here there. It would be even better if you added the highlighter makeup feature too. Awesome

So much fake...plzz back the old version...the old version is so real...but the new version so much fake...... Surprisingly

Really good editing app. Always use it. Hope that it will improve side face detection soon. Good

It's overall pretty good but I only have one issue with it. It picks one of my eyes up perfectly and one just lookes effed up. Great job

I really love this issues..thanks for especially hair dye and hair colour..thanks #Meitu.. .) Works perfectly

It's my favourite app and it has best editing esay to use connection i love it Go well

This App is very nice than other apps.Its so good I love it! Actually I really enjoy the eyelashes!Nice App Marvelous

This app is very nice than other . It is so fun to use it , so i love it soooo much love it

Fun. As a noob to picture apps I really enjoy the eyelashes. The hair dye and lipsticks are fun. I wish there were more colors to choose from. But really fun to play with. Again a noob so filter or makeup app experts may not agree. love it

I think is awsome when ur friends ask u a puc of urs with m+ u will just use the app Muito bom!

Loved the previous version the clarity of current version has become worst please return us our old make up plus Great job

Its a fantastic app but where is the Men theme in this new version update? Please return back men theme, thanks. Recommend

I love this app but the new version is not good its picture quality has become worst now the previous version was awesome please make the changes and return us the old makeup+ Just wow

Little changes I love this app very much but i just wanna say its a humble request pls make the eyeliner little more bold nd give them a orignal look like lipsticks effect Muito bom!

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