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This is amazing app..i think every girl wants to be luk pretty I really enjoyed it Pretty good

New updated version is really disappointed .. as thr was alot of shades of hair dye n hair colouring bt the new version dnt have such hair colours and all.... plz get them backkkk we really love the hair dye of sunset n ol.. Surprisingly

It's a good app I would have gave 5 starts but u got rid of the festive stuff please fix that love it

Vonnegut safwan hayderavadi ew jjkjnkn hbbhhhhhj vj jk Vicki uuug vj comb Koch Vikin Recommend

Awesome autofit on the phone, but girls if you have long hair and strands in front you may want to paint over the strands a bit. Great makeup. And you can finally delete Snapchat, it has glowing cat ears and the whole 9 yards! Good

the update is just... disappointing... i like this app in general and the new hair colors but please bring back the Fairy make-up theme, it's my favorite and probably the only one i use... please bring it back!!! Flawless

it is very good app and make me makeup more but first itself i am makeup by my own Works perfectly

I also have a problem that the colour of my hair is not changing even i had updated it also then also it is not changing so I will give only 3 stars love it

Its so simply.... Thanks for a such successful n beautiful application. I highly enjoy this app cause it is very useful n easy to use.... it amazing! Perfect!

Easy to use &hve many good feature to beautify,its amazing but in some cases after editing the pic seems to be case of glosses which seems euuuups bad Awesome

i'll give 5stars to your apps coz i love it but now im giving you 4 only. coz i cant use the feature for my hair. cant change the color and it wont work. i have two phones and both the same. i already clear data and uninstall/install it but still the same.. please please fix this issue. thanks Perfect!

After updated its look so horrible and fake especially contact lenses and eye lashes and eye brow .. i love the most before update ... its look so real and perfect. I hope you fix it soon Fabulous!

I find this app really good. ..I's up to date and it really works it♡♡.. Omg

This app is amazing best makup one i have seen.i recommend it to all women or girls that need coverup and dont feel like putting makeup on Brilliant

بجد البرنامج ده والله العظيم مشوفتش اجمل منه Highly Recommend.

First of all i love this app. BUT after the latest update i realize there's a glossy texture for bitten option under lipstick category and its just ugly and look so fake. The previous (older version) doesn't have glossy texture which is more realistic and prettier. Please remove the gloss texture from the bitten option. I beg you. Enjoy it!

I'm only eleven but I can say that this is amazing like I want to dye my hair and I want a yes from my mom and I want see how I look with different hair colour Great job

I absolutely love this APP, it takes my already beautiful pictures and turns them into masterpieces Great!

Well the old version It so good But the new version is kinda sucks and no eyebag remover so kinda miss the old version so PLSSS Bring it back Pretty good

Its nycee but I'm not happy Frist time dwonload 24 mB 2nd time 34 And 3rd time 43 Great!

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