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If you are looking for an app that absolutely fixes your face, pictures and make up and improves the look without a hint of being superficial or edited, this is what you got to use. So go ahead, download it now! Marvelous

I didn't like it I loved it thanks for this app the only thing I want you guys to do is more filters like from snap chat Muito bom!

It's really awesome that there is something like this make you beautiful and boast your confidence. Perfect

Love this app! Works great and is fun to edit photos. Minus a star because watermark is annoying and I have it toggled off yet it still appears. I'd pay to remove it but can't find that option. Not bad

Nearly excellent app! If there can be options for men's faces, it will be perfect. This app is more for women, but very powerful. Thank you for sharing this marvelous app! Fabulous!

I just damn love it my every single picture pass through this app before it goes live haha Marvelous

The filters are absolutely gorgeous and we pick our makeup witch is awsome to the 900000000 power Enjoy it!

Some of the filters in AR GLAM section are not downloading...Please fix this problem ASAP... Good

Best ever app in the whole world Muito bom!

There's freakin' wrong with the contact lenses, it can't resize, the size is fixed, there's nothing I can do to enlarge it, the two recent updates started the bug, and now there's still no bug fixes. Sucks. Go well

Awesome app but you should add hair also, this would make us more beautiful. Fantastic

I love it but I wish the hair dye would be accurate and get all of ur hair with out getting it on skin 5 star

عااالیه واقعا حرررف نداره Liiiiiike Fabulous!

Is there a reason why holding the Shutter button on my Xiaomi Redmi Pro on Android 6, doesn't do anything instead of recording a video? I can record videos with Snapchat filters, so........... Fantastic

Don't have time to put on make-up this app saves me a lot of time and makes me look so beautiful.. Muito bom!

There was a Theme - AUDREY under red carpet, which I cannot find in the updated version. Please BRING IT BACK PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Also iT would be great if we can make videos with this app!!! love it

This app is great! I love getting my make up done but not all colours and shades suit me, so it's great being able to use this app to see what certain styles and colours look like on my face! Same goes when I want to dye my hair! It's so simple and easy to use! It's also really fun! Go well

An AMàzííñG Æpp....... Really don't let u bore..... I Løvèd It.. Works great

I had never seen such a great app before ..really amazing and unique and the makeup looks natural ..very usefull Not bad

The contact lens isn't seems to move way bigger or smaller, this isn't like this before, please fix it. Good

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