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I liked that app but now it all time says error unzip file ... New update is really sucks ... Fixed it please ... Because i love this app and i don't want to find another app please fix the bugs.. Recommend

I love this app cause I ticked all my friends into thinking I dyed my red hair blue lmao Works perfectly

It's always been my fav editor app I would definitely give it 5 Perfect!

Ok Addicted...almost embarrassed however, most fun and great dose of fun ! Not to mention keeping up trends from the growing old!!! Surprisingly

Great app I really love this app because it was so easy to use and very useful. The best editor and make me look gorgeous. It also a beautiful app and have many nice features Well done!!

I love this app..♡ But i dont get why did you remove the Live Makeup. It was one of my most favourite feature Just wow

This app is good bt some time it give extra makeup and it covers many space bt it's ok Must have

Very great App.. Beautifies our photos beyond our imagination.. Very easy to use.. Adds beauty instantly.. Its much better if they add hair styles like puff hairstyle.. Perfect

The first time in the morning and then I will be there for you to be a good day at work now and then I will be in the morning and I have to go to the gym and then I will be there for you to be a good day at work and Just wow


Well personally I can't post a picture without using this app it makes all my pictures look so fantastic and I can't stop using this app it's very easy to use and I recommend everybody if you want your pictures to look super cute you have to use this app. Brilliant

I like it its awesome lovely it so beautiful photos and looking pretty and it's so good I just say I love it thank you Great!

It's such a wonderful app I love it by using it i can edit pic very easily really it's vry useful Awesome

Superb app. If you haven't try it yet then what you waiting for, install it fast and make your own personality. Works great

Oh my god!when i use this app this is to crazy i want to give you advice for downloading so what are you waiting for go and download Just wow

This is the best app for editing pictures in a good way n very easy to use.I would say better can any other app.give u natural coverage... Cool

This app is super awesome! It will make you look more beautiful... love it so much Brilliant

I hate the new update, dont get me wrong. I do like the concept of it but why did you have to remove the gizmoo theme or filter? thats my favorite filter, come on bring it back. Perfect!

It is the best makeup application in i even used. I love it so much.i really thank it.this app is useful for me. Love ya❤ Brilliant

What is this i want to try the new hair color but the app asks me to update the app but then in play store there is no update i had reinstalled but the same problem occurs Works great

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