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Recent updates have improved accessibility, more is needed When I first installed the app, it was very much useless and I had to doubt whether the developer even knew about Android Accessibility and heard of TalkBack. Now with the recent updates, they certainly have realized that blind users can also use the app if it is properly made. (My previous review got a response that talked about screenshots, while the issue is one of talking rather than seeing, so there is more learning to do)From being completely useless, it has improved to somewhat workable. For FlightBooking, The buttons that move the month field are not yet labeled, they should be labeled next month and previous month. Besides, there is an unlabeled button nere the field to enter the promo code. The final part of the paymentscreen where one enters the password, that field also need to be made TalkBack accessible. As for HotelBooking, applying filters does remain a problem spot for TalkBack users. Hopefully the developers will fix these issues very soon, and make this product one for all users who want to use it, not for a privileged lot only.

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