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The worst game because I cannot dress up the girl only make up please improve it Perfect

I think some of many childrens playing this would make the barbie beautiful and gorgeous Recommend

Now I wouldn't say that this is the best game ever, but it is! I love how interesting it is and there are loads of different things to choose from, I definitely recommend this game and I hope you do to!! Highly Recommend.

Coco cola cololo Its not my type because i am not a makeup artistic person and two i like to play with my lego friends better every one should have atlest one set please its ok but just not good at all times i only play it when i am bored and have nothing to do and have no plans and nothing one my mind i like it but don't like it every one has there own opinion at some point of the day and that's mine like if u agree hope it gives u a food mind if u want to install it or not up to u enjoy people who like it pls Just wow

A very nice game I love makeup of it but if it have dreese shoe mall it became so amazing an unlock all I team I like it very much nice game ever after Works great

This is awesome!!!!!! Thank you thank you! Thank you for doing this game i hope you will like it and loved it, i try it now!!! I don't have school my teacher said because it is city meet... thank you again and bye!!!! Enjoy it!

It's cool I think but I'm not sure if it is great but if u are listening to me then if your bored then get this! Omg

Well it was fun but for some reason someone said it had too many ads I laughed at that person and I LOVE DOGS!! (= Just wow

Its a great game to play but I haven't played it for a while cos I've been playing this other game called style me girl in 3D :-) Marvelous

I loved the game because I feel like it is teaching me how to do makeup and hair so out of ten stars I will give it a 10 Cool

It's good but i think we can dress up the princess also But no its not possible .So , I was really upset after playing this game. Just wow


it is very laggy indeed and that it is very boring because you only do makeup on four ppl. I dislikr the game because there is not much to do. However the graphics are great. That is why I have gave tou three stars. Muito bom!

Its!a good game I you say you don't like it up to yo but I ink its a great game even though the adds are annoying Fabulous!

OMG I love this game. I'm addicted. Can you make an update where more things are unlocked. There's not a very wide selection. . Worth a go!

I hate this game jk I love it so much I love graphics and game play in all injoy this game I love it so much and I herd about the one comment about the were you pade for one and there was Still adds Brilliant

Its a nice game but i wish you could do more i just want to do makeup and dress up ps. Great time killer Works great

It is good but it just looks ugly when you put on make up and there is too much adds Great!

It's to bad game who has made this game its world bad game I have ever and ever played Highly Recommend.

Bad bad game This game is not of fun and l dislike this game because in this game we only dress up the girl that they like a Barbie doll Surprisingly

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