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Nice app, but now way too many ads within your inbox and they keep jumping around, when you think you're opening an email, you hit an ad, really really annoying Flawless

This app is my go to app for all my emails needs. I do have one suggestion. ..please make a starred tab for all my starred emails. Great job

Very usable, simple design. Nice swipe gestures. I actually like the inserted ads. Account switching could be quicker though instead of 3 touches. Just wow

Works really well. Never had any issues (touch wood...) Edit - worked really well for 2.5 years until recently. Now the listing of emails starts scrolling up and down as if somebody was going through them and flashing at times. Looks that this is to do with the Ad nested between emails. When I switch between Inbox, Sent, Drafts it doesnt refresh, still showing Inbox emails. This is not constant but rather intermittent issue, annoying nevertheless. Must have

(For S8+) I like this email service, I've read other reviews claiming crashes etc but for me this app has been faultless & now it's become my primary email. The app is simple enough to use (which suits me just fine). Just two points, in the app folders are not alphabetized & l do like to pay to remove ads (thus supporting the developers) but you have terms of service up the wazoo which I had to stop reading for my own health & sanity. A simple option to pay to remove ads through the app would be appreciated. Thx Superb!

Notification crash issue sorted, thanks. However I find that the folders (Inbox & Sent) do not sync with my web browser on laptop. Is that how it is? 5 star

I forgot my password and they can't just give me a temporary one so I can change it. Highly Recommend.

The app works fine but this mail service is a SPAM machine. Delete messages as spam and it doubles the number of the very same spam messages in your inbox quickly. Highly Recommend.

Nice and clean app! I like the simple look. Just works, and that makes me happy! Works great

This email is the best since I lost my yahoo account. It doesn't need anything complicated to sign in, very easy, needs no phone number to be able to use it. .. there are ads that pop up now and then but that inconvenience is trivial compared to a very simple login and seems reliable to getting important messages from work. It even comes with a widget that shows your new messages on your desktop, my new favorite email, highly recommend!! Worth a go!

Undoubtedly the best mail app I have ever used. Intuitive and customizable, the app offers exactly what I need in the palm of my hand. Awesome

Could you please go back to having one expandable notification icon for all emails? It's annoying seeing 20+ icons for the same app. Omg

I'm having trouble. My phone is connected to the internet. But when I try to login, it says no internet connection. Check back later and try again. I've given full permissions, updated the app and even reset my phone and I'm still having the same problem. What should I do? I really need this to work for my job applications. Flawless

This app is decent, although it has rather annoying quirks. For example; The feedback option forces a error report leaving you unable to give feed back *EDIT: Latest update has chamged feedback failure, well played* At times, generally at startup or once the app main app has been off screen whilst viewing emails, upon returning to main inbox it is unresponsive and laggy. If you try delete emails at this time it is unaware of where it should be and deletes emails you did not try delete Search function does not work as intended. It seems to only search emails that have been cached. ie; "load more emails" button. Hopefully this gets rectified. Worth it!

Does not let me know when I get an email can be a day later or when I open it up worked better on my old mobile a LG have an Oppo now.. Amazing!

Good app, but there's a bit of an issue. The latest update caused a bug with the favorites folder. It keeps saying there are no emails in that folder, even though there clearly are when I checked through my computer. There are some important messeges in that folder that this app makes convenient to get to whenever I'm not on my computer. This needs a fix as soon as possible. Update: Issue finally fixed. Working the way it used too now. Thanks for the fix! Great!

While log in it says no internet connection. But I have net connection. Plese help. Worth it!

I don't know if it's apps issue or some issue with my phone. I am not able to login. It's keeps saying please check your connection. I have tried on both wifi and on data as but Same issues. Able to create a new account but not able to login. Pls help!! Thanks. wow lol

I'm not getting notifications straight away now like before. I only get notifications when I click on the app it's self, Must have

After last update, this sucks. Push notifications crash when trying to delete messages and they no longer become grouped together. A pop up to asking to review pops up after each email I look at. Please turn back to previous version or fix it. wow lol

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